Monday, September 14, 2020

CTI: the Perfect Environment for Teens

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute of martial arts is a perfect environment for children, adults and of course, teenagers. As the CTI provides an encouraging environment and stress relieving program, it allows teenagers to have a outlet for their frustrations and simply a easy way to exercise while still having a good time. As teenagers are usually in junior high or high school, most will have homework and stressing situations within school, and home. As a healthy and friendly environment, the CTI strives for a place that is seen as not stressful, but stress relieving. Most teenagers need a place where they can relax, a place that will help them become successful, and that is what the CTI tries to embody. 

Two teenage girls sparring in a martial arts class
The CTI offers many martial arts for teens at many locations, such as Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden & Conifer. As many teens already have tight schedules, classes are highly flexible, with each location offering classes Monday through Friday. There is also the option of additional private lessons with the instructor, providing one on one work with the student. Not having to worry about a schedule or whether they missed something, the student can be at ease, and continue to maintain a healthy relationship with his or her instructor and classmates.

The CTI program doesn’t take time away from studying or being around friends, in fact, there are only 4 tournaments a year, which means students wouldn’t be worrying about competitions all the time, as they aren’t common throughout the year unlike with other sports, which take more time for practices, games and training. The CTI keeps its students healthy, without overworking its students. When students do take part of competitions or extra classes and camps, they form a bond with one another, and usually that bond lasts for years. Many people in the CTI have trained together for years, and they have created a bond that won’t be broken. Being a teenager myself, I think that martial arts for teenagers is a great thing. 

Knowing people in and out of the CTI program, there are some differences that you will notice. The CTI is based on 5 tenets, which guide us, and help us in places outside of class. Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. As the CTI is a disciplined community, our students have been taught that each of these tenets are important, and that we should remind ourselves of them every once in a while. CTI helps teens deal with peer pressure and helps them with body image and self-confidence. I have known teens who came into the CTI insecure, then after a few months, they felt better about themselves and it was all uphill from there. The CTI is more than just workouts, it is a confidence building, bonding and healthy experience that will help teens, children and adults be happier and healthier. It is something that has helped many, and will continue to help more every day it stands.

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