Monday, August 3, 2020

Why Taekwondo is Good for Kids!

By Jonah Elstad, 1st dan

A karate kid holds a trophy he won doing the best martial arts for kids
Taekwondo, or karate for kids, is not just good for kids- it is great for kids! I started attending Colorado Taekwondo Institute when I was 8 years old. Over the last five years I have noticed many positive changes in my life because of Taekwondo. I have also noticed the positive effects of Taekwondo in my fellow classmates. While there are several great aspects of Taekwondo, the three major ones are physical health, emotional health, and improved behavior. 

First, the best martial arts for kids improves the student’s physical health. Taekwondo has improved my heath tremendously. Before taekwondo I got sick a lot. Because of the exercise the I get in class my body is stronger and I get sick less. I have more energy now and my endurance has improved. In taekwondo class we learn how to eat healthy. We learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. When we eat healthy we get sick less and feel better.  Kids of all ages can get healthier by going to Taekwondo!

Second, Taekwondo improves the student`s emotional heath. During class and through our monthly homework, students develop a strong self-confidence.  The instructors also point out our positive characteristics and help us feel good about ourselves.  This is very important to a person’s emotional health.  Since we go to class twice a week and do other actives regularly, we spend a lot of time with each other. We become like a family. My Taekwondo family has helped me through difficult times in my life and I am very thankful for them.  All kids benefit from the emotional health benefits karate for kids provides. Sometimes just being able to punch, kick, and yell helps to release one`s emotions and feel better.

Third, Taekwondo helps improves the student’s behavior. I have seen kid’s behavior change for the better in my years at taekwondo.  Students become more respectful, focused and develop self-control while attending Colorado Taekwondo Institute.   When kids feel better physically and emotionally they are happier and act-out less.  I have watched kids attitude improve as their self-confidence grew.  It is truly amazing how Taekwondo changes the student’s behavior in appositive way.  

It is obvious that best martial arts for kids is great for kids!  These past five years of being a student at CTI have been the best years of my life.  I feel better physically, my emotional health is stronger, and I have more self-control.  I have also loved watching the transformation in all these areas of my fellow classmates.

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