Thursday, April 30, 2020

Classes in Quarantine

By Cody Jacobson, 1st dan, 04/30/20
Martial arts girl doing a sick kick while remote learning at home

Life in quarantine can be very boring sometimes. You wake up, do whatever you need to and are stuck with endless boredom.  One thing that I do to keep from losing my mind is the online CTI Taekwondo classes. These classes help you stay in shape and stay entertained.

Normally, when we are not in quarantine, you go to two or more classes a week.  Now, we can't do that.  So, the ingenious solution thought up by Grandmaster James Sautel along with other upper black belts is recorded classes that can be viewed and performed at home.  These classes help you stay in shape while away from the campuses and advance your training.  Now, seeing that we are not going to classes it is vital that you continue your usual class routine.  That way, when we do return to in person classes you are in shape and ready to learn.  If you don't keep up, you will be out of shape and have to spend more time getting back into the routine of class.

The online CTI classes help you stay on top of your basics and your weekly class routine.  One thing that helps me in particular and can maybe help you is to watch and perform an online class on the normal day you would do a class in person.  You don't necessarily have to do it at the same time and duration but it helps.  Always remember to accomplish your other exercises like Poomse, One-Steps, and Self-Defense.  I like to split up the week to focus on different aspects of our training.  Some days I practice more on Poomse and only a bit on One-Steps and Self-Defense.  Other days, it's the exact opposite.  That allows me to work more on new techniques/moves and those things that I really need to work on.  It is a good thing to stay in the routine of things.

Even though the online classes help you stay in shape there is more to doing them than that.  Doing a class provides a break from your surroundings that have become all too familiar.  You can focus on your  Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo and forget about everything else for a little while. It is a great escape from reality.  The classes are also led by great instructors.  These amazing black belts include Mr. Murphy, Mr. Kreutz, Mr. Brauch, Ms. Trapp, Mrs. Lindner, Ms. DeTienne, Mr. Slinkard, Master Meyung, Ms. Sautel, Master Garner, Mr. Jacobson, and Master Albrechtson.

The classes are split up into four sections.  The Tigers section (3-5 year olds), the Junior section (6-11), the Teen section (12-15), and the Adult section (16+).  Try and do the classes that are for your age group.  If they are too easy or you are looking for a challenge try the group above yours.  If you are an adult, try the Teen workouts.  They are just as hard if not harder.  Along with the main workouts there are also videos to follow along with that cover poomse, self-defense, and one-steps.  It is still important to practice these things on your own.  If you are looking for another workout to do on the same day or if you don't have time for a full one, try a CTI Short Workout.  These are shorter workouts that still get you in a sweat.  These classes are a great way to break up a boring day in quarantine.  They get your exercise and keep you going!

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