Friday, April 27, 2018

Your Local, Friendly Martial Arts School: Littleton Campus

By Katie Dahle, 1st dan
The front of the Littleton martial arts CTI

Are you on the lookout for a convenient and competent Littleton martial arts school? Maybe you have a young child with boundless energy to burn. Maybe your teenager struggles with team sports or confidence. Maybe you’re someone looking to get in shape or want to try something new. A quick google search shows several Littleton Taekwondo schools but which one is the one for you? If you want a school with world class instruction, a safe learning environment, dynamic classes, and a staff who care, then the Colorado Taekwondo Institute’s Littleton campus is the school for you.

Founded in 1994, this Littleton Taekwondo school has a talented staff of instructors, including two master instructors, who provide a time-tested curriculum tailored for every student. Recently renovated and updated, the campus has three work-out areas with custom made suspension floors and new carpeting, with viewing areas for friends and family to watch classes.

Part of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute this Littleton martial arts school offers classes five days a week in the evenings for students aged 2 and up. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute teaches the taekwondo style of Moo Sul Kwan, established in the U.S. in 1969 by Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park. These quality classes teach body control, self-defense, and healthy habits. Along with the physical benefits of this curriculum, students learn and live positive behaviors like self-control, respect, self-discipline and humility.

There may be many choices for Littleton karate schools, but the Colorado Taekwondo Institute’s Littleton campus offers high quality martial arts and self-defense classes that train each student to be well-rounded and thoughtful leaders within a life-long learning environment. Stop by this conveniently located Littleton Taekwondo school to see in person what this school can offer you and your family.

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