Monday, April 2, 2018

AMASEA National Convention Bus Trip

By Cody Jacobson, red belt, 12 years old, CTI LeAD Team Member

Martial arts kid doing a jump back kick board break

The 2018 AMASEA National Convention is one of the best trips within Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo that I've ever been on.  It is a lot of fun and you always learn new stuff.  And like Camp MSK, the food is wonderful!

The convention is a travel trip to Missouri.  So in order to get us all there, we charter our own bus.  We drive overnight to St. Louis.  It is a long bus ride but it is fairly easy to fill the time.   We watch movies.  I also spent a lot of time talking to other students on the bus.  We talked about MSK Taekwondo but we also talked a bunch about our hobbies and interests outside of training.  It was really nice to be able to connect with other students outside of my CTI Campus and be able to learn things about them outside of Taekwondo.  We stop every so often at gas stations to use the restrooms, and get food.  You can buy all kinds of food from healthy snacks to not so healthy snacks.  We stopped about 3 times going there and 3 times coming back.  (It is always a relief to see civilization when we are in Kansas.)  On the way back, we stop at a gas station and break boards.  It is always fun to watch other students break boards, and see the looks of the drivers driving past us.

We go to a lot of classes at the National Convention.  They range from doing poomse to Judo with Great Grandmaster Shin.  You will always learn new things from the class instructors.  This may or may not be new moves on a poomse you are working on, or even starting a new poomse but it is still a ton of fun.  The instructors will give you tips on what you are doing, and show you things that you have never seen before.  I took a class on Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido, something I've never done before, and learned all sorts of new things.  Most of the classes, if not all, will be hard but you will enjoy them no matter what.  The Judo class with Great Grand Master Shin is one of the hardest classes at the convention, but after you get through it, you will find that it was really fun. Although, don't be surprised if you are sore for the next few days. The classes are all really fun and interesting so it is always good to join in and explore them.

On this years trip we went to the City Museum of St. Louis on the first day.  When you think museum, you think hallways lined with artifacts and boring text.  That is the exact opposite of the City Museum.  It is more of a jungle gym than a museum.  You climb on wire and metal structures inside and outside.  The structures span a 10 story building.  Every structure in the building is made out of something found in St. Louis.  There is even a slide running from the top to the bottom of the building, and one that stretches half way.  Knee pads are optional but are definitely a good thing.  Between exploring with your friends and conquering your fear of heights, the museum is a tremendous amount of fun and the non Taekwondo highlights of the trip.

The AMASEA National Convention is a tremendous amount of fun. You would hate to miss out.  You get to learn things that are new, and hang out with your friends.  The AMASEA National Convention is definitely a great CTI Taekwondo trips!

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