Monday, January 15, 2018

Responsibility is a Show of Character

By Lynne Dean, red belt

Adult men practicing martial arts and self defense

Being responsible is a show of character evident in a civilized society.  Being impulsive and adhoc when dealing with people and your assignments will lead to erratic responses from both.It will also lead to inconsistent results and ultimately a lack of direction and purpose.

The burden of being responsible is worth the “foot-loose and fancy free” freedom that you give up by taking on that burden of being true to your word, actions, and deeds.  The results of being responsible is a sense of reliability and purpose.  You will be “taken seriously” which will lead to a plethora of rewards in the likes of being able to establish and maintain meaningful relationships and being able to learn and grow from the decisions you make and the tasks you have taken on.
Doors will open for you because, ultimately, people look for and really do need someone with a responsible mentality in order to help them along in their purpose.

In addition to stalling your own personal growth, not being responsible reflects badly on you and your associations. To put it more positively, acting responsible shows you care about your reputation and those you impact with your words and actions. At CTI, the responsible student will advance (increasing that C3 quotient J ). At work, the responsible employee will get more satisfying job assignments and hopefully recognition too. At home, your family will be closer and more harmonious if you (and all them too) take on acting responsibly. It is not always easy to be the responsible one…sometimes it comes at the expense of something that in the near term looks like fun or would be something you would much rather else be doing… But those short term distractions will ultimately be just that – distractions.  Responsibility grows you in the long run and always for the better.

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