Monday, August 21, 2017


By Patrick Stolle, Littleton CTI Campus

Korean writing on the back of the Camp Moo Sul Kwan UniformAt the Littleton location of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, “Ho-Shin” is how we conclude every workout session.  It means “Self-Control, Self-Defense.”  It is simply worded, but very deep in meaning.  It underscores the goal at CTI to provide its students the ability to take control, or be in control of their lives through the development of martial arts self-defense skills and techniques.

Self-defense skills can be developed at any age.  And CTI instructs students as young as 2 years old with varying levels of advancement in the martial arts style of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo.  It is one of the primary goals of CTI to assist students, regardless of age, in developing self-esteem and confidence through mastery in martial arts.

Self-esteem and confidence are core components to self-defense.  It is through confidence that allows a student to execute with precision and purpose a martial arts technique or movement.  It is also through confidence that allows a person to appropriately and strategically act in confrontational or challenging situations.

 So when we say “Ho-Shin” we are confirming that we possess the self-defense skills to protect ourselves, if required.  We are confirming that we have the confidence to use these self-defense skills accurately and decisively.  We are confirming that we have the strength of character to use these skills, or choose not to.

 That power to choose, is a very profound form of defending one’s self.

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