Friday, July 24, 2015

Finding the Right Martial Arts School and Program

By Lydia Lincke, 1st dan

Finding the right martial arts school is tough, and it’s easy to waste lots of time looking for places nearby that are cost effective and give you the same benefits of a world class organization. Age old practices that have been being refined for thousands of years are continuing to grow and develop, and thoughtful, disciplined, and respectable students of today are the result of this. However, there are only a select few martial arts programs that are the result of this long train of martial arts development.

Moo Sul Kwan taekwondo offers many of these benefits, and the things that are taught here aren’t limited to traditional martial arts techniques. Through our extensive training, students gain the ability to maintain self discipline, learn how to be a leader, and learn to work with others.

A Black Belt Teenage Girl Performing a Front KickThe training that is done in MSK taekwondo is a perfect way to get, and stay, in shape. The regiment is typically two classes per week, so there is a balanced and healthy amount of workout almost all of the 52 weeks of the year. During these classes, instructors encourage self directed learning, starting as soon as white belt. Ideas such as practicing techniques at home and taking your martial arts training with you into your daily life are urged. Valuable life lessons are instilled in students and martial arts training becomes a lifelong practice that is applied in every area of one’s life.

As the students get higher up in the belt ranks, leadership is expected. Students are broken out of their shells of comfort and put into situations in which they are able to translate their own knowledge into words to other students. In this way, students are put in the spotlight in a friendly way so that they are practicing leadership with their friends and peers: a perfect way to transition into once scary things like teaching or public speaking. In this way, self confidence is built in a positive way so that students almost don’t realize they are becoming more self assured until they are a red or black belt standing in front of an entire class teaching students the basics of martial arts.

One of the most important values ( that is taught indirectly in MSK martial arts is teamwork. Martial arts are typically very individual sports, and they allow students to focus more on themselves and their own improvement in any area of their life. However, part of the training includes self defense and being taught to be aware of everything that is going on around you. Self defense is always practiced with another person, and students can learn to cooperate and communicate with their partner without words in a class setting. Having awareness of other moving people around you is taught through experience. In MSK martial arts, forms, or poomse, are often practiced in groups in which students must learn to work together with the people around them almost subconsciously so that safety is ensured and collisions don’t happen.

If you are looking for a martial arts program that is more extensive than just learning punches and kicks, MSK is the place to stop looking. Truly beneficial lifelong practices are hard to come by, and you won’t easily find another friendly, applicable, and rewarding program like Moo Sul Kwan taekwondo. You can enroll any time of the year and any one of our locations in Colorado: Lakewood, Littleton, Conifer, Golden or Westminster. We appreciate your interest!

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