Friday, April 24, 2015

Adult Martial Art and Self-Defense Training

By Tyler Murphy, 1st dan

Moo Sul Kwan taekwondo is an excellent style of martial arts training to learn important factors involved in self defense and the spirit of martial arts. I took karate when I was younger but I did not actually find where I belong until I found the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute has been an excellent place for me to learn self-defense. I have been taking classes with the CTI for seven years now and I have learned an immense about of knowledge which has developed me into a black belt. I have been at training with the CTI, which has excellent instructors at each of their five locations in the Denver area.

Martial arts children defending themselves with self-defense
Students of All Ages Learning Self-Defense
For me, the most important part to learning self defense is consistency, which is why it has always been an important thing for me to come to class at least twice a week. By coming twice a week I have been able to completely learn the many aspects of self defense taught at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Our primary mode of learning self defense is through our basic routine which has been passed down for many years. This basic routine consists of punches, blocks and kicks; important tools to have in a self defense situation. We focus primarily on the blocks because protection is a key factor in self defense and has the ability to be far more important than the strikes. Strikes such as punches and kicks are also important which we practice using soft targets, and sometimes breaking boards.

We also practice blocks, punches, and kicks is when performing our forms. These forms are essentially the basic routine in motion where we can work on punching and kicking in different stances and situations which helps student to become versatile and able to perform techniques in all situations. If the only time we ever punched during class was with our legs bent in the same fashion we would be completely useless in any other position. As busy people, there is no way that we spend all of our day in the same position which is why we need to be able to perform self defense techniques in many different stances and places.

Another way that has taught me to learn self defense is the one-step sparring. These are prearranged moves with a partner to practice form, accuracy, distancing, and all the possible angles of attack so that we are even more prepared to perform a technique in any position and we fully understand the many different possibilities in a self defense situation. This is different from free sparring because it is prearranged and practiced the same every time. We also practice, point-style free sparring as it teaches us to be quick on our feet and to be ready for anything because this is not a prearranged form of self defense. For this we are sparring another person and the goal is simply to score on the opponent. Since both people are attempting to score on one another the next move cannot be predicted which is why this is another great way to practice self defense.

From sparring I have learned how to approach another person who is also practicing self defense and also how to react in any situation. This ability to react does not come quickly however because we must first completely understand how to perform basic strikes and blocks in a fixed position which is what the basic routine provides us with. That is why it is essential to have the basic routine in nearly all of our classes and why that is our most important method to teach self defense. Through the repetition of the basics routine in our Moo Sul Kwan taekwondo classes we learn over time how to properly execute the basic techniques essential to the rest of the CTI curriculum.

Lastly, we also practice our self-defense moves, which are derived from our Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido. These are ways of defending ourselves if we are grabbed by an opponent. Each belt you learn new defenses from various attacks, and we practice them until we become proficient in them.

As long as a student stays with the program, tries there best, and practices what they learn, there is absolutely no doubt that they will one day have immense knowledge about self defense and martial arts training, which gives you peace of mind and confidence knowing you can protect yourself and loved ones.

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