Friday, November 21, 2014

Self Defense for Women Through The Colorado Taekwondo Institute

By Jocelyn Wallen, 1st Dan

It is a common stereotype that women are weaker than men and therefore more susceptible to to being taken advantage of physically. While it is sometimes true that men are physically stronger than women, it does not mean that they have to be more susceptible to violence. A study done by Jocelyn Hollander, a sociologist at the University of Oregon, showed that women who had taken a ten week self defense class were less than half as likely to experience unwanted sexual contact and more than twice as likely to avoid violent confrontation.

It was not only the self defense techniques that helped to empower these women but also their attitudes. It was shown in the study that women who had taken the self defense course were more likely to make eye contact and directly voice their objections to unwanted contact. This coupled with their knowledge of self defense helped them to feel safer and act in a safer way as well.

The self defense program at each of our schools, including the Conifer schoolThe Colorado Taekwondo Institute is geared not only to teaching traditional Korean Taekwondo self defense techniques but also toward teaching students important values such as respect and courage. This teaching model is all age encompassing for men and women ages two and up.

Along with the self defense aspect of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute the workout is also constructed to increase physical fitness. Physical fitness is a key factor in self defense because the healthy body has both greater agility and faster reaction times. It also contributes to body image and confidence. According to Hollander confidence and verbal resistance skills are the most important aspects of self defense. If a woman is going to say no with confidence she is much more likely to avoid the situation.

Self confidence is also built upon at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Self confidence contributes not only to a greater ability to defend yourself but also to achieving your personal goals. Confidence is required for everything from making friends to job interviews. CTI improves confidence through self discipline and leadership roles. The group environment of the classes allows a safe place for students to learn and improve on themselves. The class structure also allows for students to focus solely on themselves and their goals for the class period.

This type of class is beneficial for both men and women because everyone enters as equals. All curriculum is the same and no favoritism is shown. This allows for any type of person to succeed of their own accord. Motivation is the leading factor in advancement, meaning every new belt earned or technique learned is earned through hard work. The feeling achieved by earning your advancement breathes self confidence.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the perfect place for women to explore both self confidence and self defense. With classes and programs at each of our schools, including the Conifer school, geared toward both, women can become both physically fit and mentally strong. Women of all ages can benefit from the workouts and benefits. With classes two or more times a week everyone can achieve their goals both in self defense and personal achievement.

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