Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Lakewood Taekwondo school will make you more confident!

I don’t know if you remember Tae Bo. Tae Bo was an aerobic exercise program that was created several years ago and it took some of the movements from Taekwondo and turned it into and exercise routine. Tae Bo was completely useless as a martial art but what you should notice about that is that there is no coincidence that there are multiple trainers from all over the world who are taking pieces of Taekwondo and putting it in their fitness routines!

Taekwondo is great for your health and if you are looking for a  martial arts school in the Green Mountain / Lakewood area that will help you get into shape then you have come to the right place! Our Green Mountain Taekwondo campus has many different benefits for your health. For example, taking Taekwondo will help you get lean, increase your cardiovascular abilities, and tone your muscles.

Our Green Mountain Taekwondo school will also help you learn to defend yourself like nowhere else in Colorado. Now hopefully you will never be in a position where you will need to use the Taekwondo skills you learn here but you never know when it could come in handy to either defend yourself or someone else.

You will also start to notice that you will become very aware of your surroundings. People who attack and mug other people are usually looking for people who are distracted or not really paying attention. They want the element of surprise. If you find yourself walking through a bad area but you are paying attention attackers and thugs will often leave you alone for someone who is less aware. Nothing is worse for a thug than drawing attention to what they are doing so they’ll leave you alone in most cases if they think they are going to have attention drawn to them or if they think they will get caught.

Once you join our Green Mountain Taekwondo school you will start to notice some other things happen that will surprise you. You reflexes will get faster and there will be times when the world seems to move slower.

For example when I first started martial arts I was standing in my kitchen. I was about 12 years old at the time and my mother reached above me to get something out of the cabinet that was in front of me. In the process she accidentally knocked the spaghetti out of the cupboard. Before the spaghetti had hit the counter I had caught it in my right hand! I was just as surprised as my mother was and I put it back into the cupboard feeling proud to know that my new martial arts practice was working! Understand that before martial arts I was not the kid who was a great athlete.

I loved my time training at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  I became coordinated, I got confident and my reflexes only got better. I even started to get better at sports. I used to flinch as a ball would fly toward me but once I started to do martial arts I got more confident. A ball is a lot easier to catch and not be afraid of when you are used to people throwing punches at your face.

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