Sunday, October 6, 2013

Keeping Your Children Focused

It is no secret that education is undoubtedly vital for a child’s success in life. They can read the Saturday paper to scan the employment ads; they can write a thank you card to a person who interviewed them for employment; they learn how to create a good resume; They can make correct change; these are all crucial skills for child to learn if they are going to survive in the competitive job market when they grow older. But are there some things that a public school cannot teach a child? If you are looking to expand your child’s horizons even further, prepare them for the real world even more, or even help them do better in school, then you might want to get your child involved in martial arts.

Martial arts promote self-discipline in ways that hardly any other after-school activities can match. They will learn to focus on achieving their goals, they will learn how to rely on their self rather than a group, and they will feel a need to attend class regularly (even when they don’t feel like it). All of these attributes of discipline will carry over into their work at school.

The ability to memorize will be taught to them in the forms of the martial arts. These forms of martial arts movements can be fairly complex and can really test a child’s ability to remember them. This stimulation of the brain helps children remember their studies better.

Their child’s ability to focus is a huge dilemma for some parents. In martial arts, students must watch, listen, and engage all other senses to learn the techniques, at the same time tuning out distractions. By the time these children reach black belt, they have a incredible focus.

Respect is something that will make or break a child’s efforts at school. Martial arts highly emphasize the value of respect and children will be at a big advantage at school and in later life if they treat others with respect. They will also learn respect for self, which means they will be able to resist peer pressure.

The martial arts build accountability from day one. If you master a series of techniques, you earn your stripe or belt. If you don’t do your best, the disappointment you feel at not getting your belt will teach you to be accountable to yourself and try much harder next time. Being accountable to oneself is necessary for success in school, and also in life.

Give your children the edge in school; get them in a martial arts program. You won’t regret it.

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