Friday, October 18, 2013

Great Exercise for All Ages

The martial arts have been around for many generations. Many people practice the sport for many different reasons. Some people do it for self defense, other people do it so that they can stay in shape. Some of the people that can benefit most from the martial arts are the elderly people. It can be a vital thing for them to learn because of their age.

Practicing martial arts is great exercise.  It is one of the many benefits that you can notice right away. As a person gets older, their body needs to get more exercise than it had the previous year. The martial arts are perfect for that need. The martial arts use all of the body parts. The legs, arms, thighs, stomach and chest all benefit when you are practicing the martial arts.

The martial arts can also be an amazing aerobic exercise. It depends on the reaction time of your kicks and punches, but martial arts can easily get your heart rate up. Elderly people are very susceptible to ailments such as heart disease, stroke and cancer. Getting lots of oxygen into the body can help avoid this, and the martial arts can be a great tool that can lend a hand.

Another spectacular benefit that the martial arts present for the elderly is that it is great for protection. Any elderly person that learns the martial arts will be able to protect him or herself when it comes to certain dangers. Often elderly people live by themselves, so knowing the basics of self defense can really help.

A lot of people looking to prey on someone will look towards the elderly because they think that they are weak and defenseless, but if an elderly person is skilled in the martial arts, a predator will not know what hit them, literally! Learning how to defend oneself can also serve as a great confidence booster.

Martial arts can usher in an amazing benefit not just for elderly people, but for anyone. They will not be alone and they will get a sense of community. Senior citizens can often be very lonely. Martial arts classes have plenty of people who attend class every day. Taking Taekwondo can be a great way for senior citizens to meet new people that have similar interests. It will provide them with a way to leave their same daily routine for a while.

Martial arts impact on an elderly person’s life can be great. There are many positive qualities that the elderly can adopt through practicing the martial arts.

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