Monday, July 29, 2013

MSK Summer Expo XXIX

This year's Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXIX was outstanding!  The well attended Expo provided excellent classes, an amazing race, fun and informative classes for parents, friends and family members, and much more.

The action began on Friday with the singing of our National Anthem by Miss Emily Brophy, 1st dan.  Introductions of the Expo XXIX Teaching Staff, and a talk from Grandmaster Sautel on the theme of the weekend, "Step by Step"  followed.

The Expo XXIX classes and seminars ran from poomse and sparring to American History and Aquatic Taekwondo.  The Expo XXIX juniors also had classes in rocket building, while the adults and upper belts had the opportunity to have extra training with special guest Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand, President of Moo Sul Kwan and the AMASEA.

Classes took place with students separated by age and belt level.  The classes were taught by these outstanding MSK instructors:  GM Hildebrand, 8th - Self-Defense and Advanced Training, Jim Sautel, 7th - Advanced Training, Poomse and Sparring, Mindy Sautel, 6th - One-Step Sparring, John Sautel, 6th - Sparring, Bill Jones, 5th - Aquatic TKD and Kicking, Erik Albrechtson, 5th - Chang-Hon Poomse, Freddy Sautel, 4th - Staff and Advanced Kicking, Clayton Garner, 4th - Taegeuk Poomse, Alice Meyung, 4th - Self-Defense, Bridget Sautel, 3rd - Basics Fun, Abdu Kikhia, 3rd - Poomse, Andy McDaniel, 3rd - Walking Drills, Michael Sandusky, 2nd - Expo Obstacles, Nick Slinkard, 2nd - Target Kicking, Eric Evans, 2nd - Rocket Building and Don Johnson, 1st - American History

The Expo XXIX Banquet and Party began at 6:30 PM on Saturday evening.  After dinner, the different campuses and schools performed skits that turned into our kick-off for next year's CTI Black Belt Team World Tour '14.   After the hilarious skits were performed, a short video and  a special movie were shown.  Music was provided by Hoshinmotion, our own black belt band who also played at the AMASEA National Convention this spring.

Special awards were presented at the Expo Banquet.  MSK / AMASEA / CTI Honorary Black Belts were presented to John and Mary Kay Albrechtson.  Parents of Master Erik Albrechtson, Mr. and Mrs. Albrechtson were the first ever to receive these very special belts in recognition of the many years of support they have shown to MSK, the AMASEA and the CTI.

Also recognized were 10 year Expo participants;  Holly Madayag, Michael Madayag, Sierra Field and Grandmaster Hildebrand.  Because they have now been to ten MSK Expos, each will be added to next year's MSK Summer Expo Council.

Grandmaster Hildebrand presented special plaques to Master Merinda J. Sautel who was recognized for an important milestone - 30 years in Moo Sul Kwan martial arts and to Freddy Sautel who also received recognition for his 20th year in Moo Sul Kwan.

On Saturday afternoon, the Amazing Moo Sul Race 9 took place.  Starting at the lodge, teams took off on foot.  They covered a lot of ground as they journeyed up a steep, rocky "hill" performing the many different aspects of MSK martial arts at specified stations.

First place teams:  Lindner/Barnard/Apodaca/Bickford         Dodd/Lautrup/Lincke/Wyngarden      Copper/Randall/Eddy       Wallen/Sokolove       Sautel/Sautel        Feagans/McKernan/LaMorgese/Kim        Feagans/Carreon/Hartmann/Marine           Kikhia/Jones

On the Junior Amazing Moo Sul Race 9, the 1st place winners were;  Kayla Visnyei, Chase Wyngarden, Devan Bagley, Jonah Elstad, Kylie Bickford, Andres Deppemeier, Anya Trilk and Taylee Knez.

Sunday began with early morning workouts for the black belts, followed by work with the red and brown belts.  Then more exciting classes took place until time for the closing ceremonies.

A memorable weekend . . . a true learning experience that will help everyone improve and succeed - "Step by Step!" . . . . . next year - #30!

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