Friday, September 28, 2012

Things You Need for Class

By Littleton Campus Instructors

The instructors at the Littleton Campus of the CTI were discussing some basic things that each student and instructor need to bring to class.   Here is a list.  Can you add more?  (Send in your ideas to

* Dynamic Attitude

* Uniform
   -Top and bottom
   -Clean and in good repair
   -Patches on and in the correct places

* Belt

* Sparring pads
   -CTI approved, clean and marked with your initials
   -Mouthpiece formed to fit and clean

* Glasses strap if glasses are worn in class

* Journal and Pen for notes, ideas and questions

* Boards.  Always have a board or two in your bag

* Staff (black belts)

* CTI Student Manual to reference when needed

* Ponytail and Clips for long hair

* Small towel

* Water for hydration!

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