Friday, February 10, 2012

Notre Dame Demos

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute was represented at the recent Channel 9 Health Fair at Notre Dame Catholic School on February 10th.

Students from the sixth, seventh and eight grades learned about Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo during the many separate demonstrations presented.  We were totally impressed with the self-control and respect that the students and staff, led by Principal Charlene Molis, from Notre Dame exhibited - it made for a wonderful day!

Depending on the group that came through, the students were taught how to do several different exercises and perform some beginning basics.  Grandmaster Sautel led the demonstrations aided by Michael Sandusky, 2nd dan and Kathleen Sautel, 1st dan.  (Kathleen Sautel, daughter of Master John Sautel, currently attends the 6th grade at Notre Dame.)

We will be returning to Notre Dame to teach and demonstrate for the first through fifth grades in early March.

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