Friday, January 20, 2012

Memorizing Poomse

By Chris Wallace, 1st dan

When you practice your poomse, you need to follow certain rules.  In the CTI, there are ten poomse rules, but this article is only going to cover the first poomse rule.  The first poomse rule is: "memorize the line of movement, the sequence, and direction of the techniques in the form."  That is the first, and the hardest rule to work on and perfect when learning your poomse.  Let's talk about the importance of memorizing your poomse, and what you need to do to memorize it.

The first step in memorizing you poomses is to practice it as many times as you can.  When you practice your poomse, you need to not just practice it, and go through the motions, and expect it to be perfect.  You need to practice it perfect, to make it perfect.  If you just go through the motions and make it sloppy, then it won't be a good poomse.  But if you practice it perfect, going slow, and making it look good, then you will remember it better.  You can practice your poomses at home, or at the park, or even before or after class.

The second step in memorizing your poomse is to go slow while learning it, and then speed it up as you start to practice it more often. That will help you memorize it by getting each move into you head as you are practicing it, so when you've been practicing it for awhile,  you can speed it up because you know it so well.

The third step in memorizing your poomse is to be confident in what you are doing.  If you are confident in your poomse, then you know that you know the moves, even if you make a mistake.  Even if you have to ask questions, you should still be confident in your poomse.  That will help you at the tournament and even in class.  When you are confident, your eyes are up, and you have power, then it will show that you know your poomse well.

In conclusion, you need to practice your poomse, be confident, and practice slow, and then speed up later. There are many steps to memorize your poomse, but these are just some, of many, that are really important in memorizing and making your poomse look good.  Then when you have one poomse down, you can start to break down, and really make your others solid.  

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