Friday, March 25, 2011

Walking Drills

By Erik Albrechtson, 5th dan
(Taken from a class taught at the AMASEA National Convention)

Erik Albrechtson Performing
Staff Poomse
Walking drills are our MSK basic movements performed while “walking” in various stances in between moves.  They are the next logical step to take after practicing our basics.  In basics, we stay in a stationary stance so we can focus on perfecting our strikes and blocks.  Walking drills add more elements, such as circle stepping and twisting the hips.  Walking drills also help to improve hand and foot coordination along with many other techniques and movement strategies.  With all of these added elements, walking drills become a “bridge” between basics and poomse.

In Basics, the student does five or ten consecutive simple movements from a stationary stance.  In Walking Drills, the student does five or ten consecutive simple to complex movements while moving from stance to stance.  This is the “bridge” as the student starts to move with their basics.

Check your CTI Student Manual for a list of the required Basic Walking Drills and the required Sparring Walking Drills.  Practice these and you are on your way to mastering your basics!

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