Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Doubt Yourself

By Doug Sandusky, 2nd dan

Doubting yourself can only hold you back.  You will never know how high you can go until you put aside all fear and doubt and give it your best shot.  It’s somewhat of a motto at CTI that all we expect is for students to pay attention and give 100%.  This is all about attitude.  All you can possibly expect of yourself is what you get when you give 100%, and if you truly give that, then the result is the best possible result under the circumstances.

No matter what happens in the end, if every (best) effort was truly put forth, then you never need to feel guilty about the result.  Once this is realized, and believed, then the process becomes more important than the objective and the sky becomes the limit.

When merely shooting for the objective, chances of going beyond are slim.  But when 100% is given to the process, the original objective is likely to be passed by like a truck stop on the highway, on the way to greater accomplishments than ever imagined.

Doug and Michael Sandusky singing the
National Anthem at the 37th CTI Super Bowl

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