Friday, December 2, 2016

Why I'm glad I found the CTI on my hunt for Karate Schools

By Irene Kim, Brown Belt
Students in a karate school doing karate lessons in Denver, CO

If you are searching for a karate school in the west Denver Metro Area, you may not realize what you have found. Experiencing the intense and rewarding practice of Taekwondo at any of the campuses of The Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) is likely to change you and your family's life.

One frequently arrives at their campus of the CTI tired, stressed out from the work or school day, struggling to find the energy to even open the door. But after class, that same individual is guaranteed to leave refreshed, energized, happy and completely de-stressed.  Don't we all want to feel like this? Check out this martial art if you seeking a karate school in Lakewood, Littleton, Arvada, Westminster, Golden, Conifer or Bailey.

Kids and adults in martial arts learn valuable life lessons practicing Taekwondo at the CTI. Taekwondo ('the art of smashing with the bare feet and hands' in Korean) is different from karate ('empty hand' in Japanese), yet in many aspects they are similar. Anyone seeking to improve their lives and strengthen their mind, body and spirit should experience Taekwondo with the CTI. Each campus strives to provide a solid educational foundation to instructing Taekwondo techniques and forms.

In addition to awesome physical training, students complete written homework monthly, instilling such concepts as integrity, courage, courtesy, respect, perseverance, and having indomitable spirit. Indeed these are the tenets of Taekwondo with CTI and all students are required to represent them in society.

If you are seeking to practice a highly respectable martial art, such as taekwondo, kung fu or karate lessons, and meet some of the society's most admirable individuals, try a class at any of the five locations of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Life will become more meaningful as you gain strength that will carry over into every aspect of your days. End your search for martial arts in Denver here.

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