Friday, February 5, 2016

Taekwondo and Karate Training at the CTI

Students doing taekwondo and karate training

By Justin Lautrup, 2nd dan

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides ideal Taekwondo and Martial Art training for everyone. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides Taekwondo training to anyone above two years old. The training provided by the Colorado Taekwondo Institute will assist children with focus, motivation, and anger release, all safely and in a secure environment. Taekwondo and karate training offered to adults develops and maintains physical health, positive mental stimulation, and of course, self defense skills.

One of the benefits of Taekwondo training is the cultivation of focus. Having something to direct attention to and work towards improves overall focus skills that can be applied in school, other sports, and at home. Taekwondo training also improves motivation at school and other activities by helping students to set goals. By earning belts and learning that putting in the work will get you the results, children become more motivated for long term goals such as good grades and health. Taekwondo training teaches kids self defense and the ability to control their body. This is useful in bullying situations because kids are taught to protect themselves physically as well as mentally through a positive assertive attitude.

The Martial Art training offered to adults involves workouts that will improve and maintain physical health. Aerobic endurance is developed and maintained through jumping jacks every class, and constant exercising involved in Martial Arts through the class. Anaerobic strength is developed and maintained through push ups, sit ups, and other exercise involved in training for martial arts. Flexibility is increased and maintained from Taekwondo training by fully stretching all muscles that will be used before the work out in order to lower the probability of injury. Being flexible also lowers the chance of injury outside of Taekwondo. Stretching will increase the possible motion on techniques learned from Taekwondo training.

Taekwondo training develops positive mental effects. Having a higher belt to work towards provides increased goal setting skills. These skills can be applied to work, other hobbies and at home. The self defense skills learned from not only provide the obvious self defense, but also increase confidence and self control. The Taekwondo training, similar to Karate training, has positive effects on children including anger release and self motivation. This is developed through earning belts, providing a goal to work towards, and safe exercise, which are all involved in Taekwondo training. These areas are important skills that can be used in school, at home, as well as other extracurricular activities. For adults, Taekwondo training is important and useful because of the Aerobic, Anaerobic, and flexibility developed and maintained during Taekwondo training. Taekwondo and karate training also provides extra skills that are not initially expected such as self control, perseverance, and courtesy.

Taekwondo training can be surprisingly fun, and is a good way to meet new people and it is a great community. These benefits are well worth the time put in and will assist you throughout your whole life.

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