Friday, January 29, 2016

Celebrating, Taekwondo Style!

By Alice Meyung, 5th dan

Did you know that the Colorado Taekwondo Institute hosts and runs birthday parties?  If you or your child wants to have a birthday party at a taekwondo school or a karate school, you are in luck!  A martial arts birthday party is a fantastic and active way for the kids who attend the party to burn energy and have a great time!  Here at our taekwondo school, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we work hard to provide the most fun and exciting birthday celebrations for our students and anyone else looking to celebrate!  We welcome anyone to book a party at our taekwondo school!  The parties are complimentary and can take place at any of our five campus locations.  We usually run the parties on a weekend during the day, but our schedules can be flexible.

Martial arts girl doing a Taekwondo birthday party
A typical party runs around two hours.  All of your guests gather at the taekwondo school to try out a class and have some party fun!  A certified Colorado Taekwondo Institute black belt instructor runs a short version of a Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo class.  Anyone can participate, even the parents!  The special birthday child gets a unique position during this class and gets to lead some very special activities for their guests.  The class consists of warm-ups and stretches to prepare our bodies for martial arts fun.  We will then learn the basics of taekwondo and learn how to perform punches, strikes, blocks and kicks in a safe environment and with expert help.  After the group is warmed-up and feeling confident with their new techniques, the party shifts to taekwondo-centric games and entertainment!  At a party at our taekwondo school, the games are designed to use the martial arts techniques and skills we just learned to have fun and expend energy.  Some great games we've played at past birthday parties include fun with rope drills, a kicking-version of Shark Attack, learning how to evade objects or attackers in a fun and safe environment, a taekwondo version of musical chairs, speed contests, gladiator-style taekwondo games and many, many more amazing activities!

After we are all exhausted from working out hard and exercising both our minds and bodies, it is time for cake, snacks, gifts, and anything else special that you might want to add to your celebration!  The birthday celebrant gets to cut the cake in a very special and unique way that is sure to impress all of the guests and their families.  After your party is over, you won't believe how much fun you and your friends had!

While having your birthday at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is incredibly delightful, it is also a great way to introduce your friends (and maybe yourself, too!) to the fantastic opportunities a taekwondo school or karate school has to offer.  You and your guests get a taste of the incredible mental and physical benefits of taekwondo as well as having the time of your lives!  If you've been thinking about having a party at a taekwondo school or karate school, call the Colorado Taekwondo Institute or speak with your instructor today!

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