Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CTI Black Belt Team - South Korea, Part 2

The Black Belt Team Adventures Continue!
It's virtually impossible to relate all of the adventures, but here are some of the highlights . . .
It was 6:30 AM on day five, and the CTI Black Belt Team headed towards Kimpo International Airport for their flight to Jeju Island!

The 50 minute flight was quick, and pretty soon, the Team was on a new bus and it was touring time on Jeju Island.  First, the 42 made their way to Oedolgae Rock which had magnificient views and lots of intersting history and symbolism.  Lunch followed, featuring the infamous abalone noodles (ask a Team member), and it was on to Cheonjeyeon Falls.  The Team took a good hike down to the first falls and then over to the incredible second falls, while taking pictures, laughing and learning.

After a quick two minute drive, the Black Belt Team hit the beach to watch the surfers compete in a Korean surfing championship.  The Team got wet, lounged around and had some good fun!  (Ask a team member to explain what the bus driver did to them before they got back on the bus.).

Jusangjeolli Cliff  was the next scenic spot the Team visited.  It was another beautiful setting on the shores of Jeju Island.  Afterwards, it was time to journey back to Jeju City for a little shopping and an excellent chicken dinner - Korean-style!

One morning on Jeju Island, black belt team members got up at 6:00 AM at the Jeju Neighborhood Hotel and took a run on the back streets of Jeju City.  During the run, the group stopped at a hidden park in the middle of the city and did some board breaking for some eldserly early morning risers who were warming up with their own techniques.

On day six, after an incredible breakfast on the 17th floor, the Team went to explore Seongsan Sunrise Peak.  Group pictures were taken at the base of the volcano, in front of many happy Chinese tourists who were taking pictures of these Americans in MSK uniforms.  The Team then hiked up to the top of Mt. Halla.

The trek up to the top of the ancient volcano was a heated workout.  Mrs. Park led the way, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience.   At the to pof the crater, the Team took many pictures and also broke boards for the people from many different countries who were there.  Legs shaky from the volcano quest, everyone made it down safely, boarded the bus and journeyed to see the Hanyeo (diving ladies) and black rocks at the ocean.

After spending some time searching for sea creatures and watching the Hanyeo dive, it was on to Seongeup Folk Village where the team learned about living in ancient Jeju times.  The dynamic lady, who was the guide and actually lives the life, gave everyone a lively presentation about existing during the early days of Jeju Island . . . in Jeju-accented Korean.  Luckly, the Team had Mrs. Park and our tour guide, Yujin, to interpert the hilarious rantings of this Jeju native.

Go-Karts, Horseback Riding or ATVs?  Those were the choices before we went to dinner that evening. Mrs. Park led a group on horseback.  The ATV riders donned camoflauge,helmet and gear and rambled around.  Master John Sautel won at the Go-Kart track against some skilled drivers.

Could our CTI Black Belt Team possibly do any more?  You bet!

More of the trip continued on Part 3...

See some pictures of the trip!

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