Thursday, December 26, 2013

CTI Christmas Party

What a great way to celebrate the holidays!  Faith Mountain let us use their wonderful facility again for our annual CTI Christmas Party.  

Even with the winter weather whipping white flakes in the December sky, hundreds of students, family members and friends were able to come, relax and have some fun.  Just next door to the Green Mountain Campus, we started off the early evening with a little mingling and a tasty pot luck dinner that had a very festive feel.  

After dinner, the action started with some poomse for the crowd.  Master Merinda Sautel received recognition for her 30 years of Moo Sul Kwan training and Peyton Brauch was awarded his 1st dan black belt.  Then the CTI Elves got into the action . . . 

Brian Steward, head elf of the green team, squared off against Tyler Murphy and his red elf group.  Both merry groups of elves had a special elf-dance for everyone done to the tune of Run Run Rudolf played by Emily B. and the Mountain Block Boys.  Later each elf group sang their own special Christmas song to the delight of everyone at the party!  In addition to all of the holiday action, even more fun was had when a special visitor from the North Pole stopped by our party.

Special thanks to everyone for bringing the food items for the needy that helped us stock the Kings Cupboard (Food Bank)!  

Entertainment provided by Emily B. and the Mountain Block Band

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