Friday, April 12, 2013


By Collin Kreutz, 1st dan, age 12

What is Camp Moo Sul Kwan?  Camp Moo Sul Kwan (Camp for short) is when MSK Taekwondo students and instructors from each campus and school get together for a week in the mountains to practice MSK martial arts, learn new things, and ultimately, have fun.

We practice our poomse, self-defense, one-steps, walking drills, sparring,  target kicking/holding, breaking, staff, and much more.  You learn many more things each and every camp you go to, whether it’s the first four moves of a poomse, or the difference between front kick and ax kick foot position.  Camp MSK is a also a great time to correct your jumping jacks, stretches, punches and strikes, blocks, kicks, etc.  You also get special classes with honorable black belts such as Master Jones, Mrs. Master Sautel, Master Sautel, Grandmaster Sautel, and sometimes even Great Grandmaster Shin!

What are the benefits of going to Camp?  First of all, you get to learn how to do many new things involving Korean martial arts, such as the Great Grandmaster Shin moves.  Camp is a great time to really focus on your basic and advanced martial arts techniques.  You get a great work out to keep your body in shape as well.

We do a lot of very fun taekwondo techniques, like the sparring gauntlet, group demos, breaking night, musical poomse, and more.  We also do various activities like tie-dying, the rock climbing wall, horseback riding, the zip line, and mountain bike rides.  There is a movie night where everyone sits back, relaxes, and watches a movie.  Each year, we take a hike to the water fall, and sing the camp chant along the way, showing our Camp MSK spirit!

Camp is a great time to connect with old friends within the Colorado Taekwondo Institute and Moo Sul Kwan, or meet new friends.  You are roomed with four others that are close in age, so it is almost certain you find new friends and have a great time with them at Camp.

Cindy and Pam Sautel are the main people in charge of the cooking at camp. Their food is delicious every time they cook.  But don’t forget Master Bill Jones from Missouri, he also cooks a lot of the food that our hungry stomachs devour.

Camp is a very exiting time for all ages, and is for sure worth going to each and every year.  You get a whole bunch of practice with your Taekwondo techniques, and have a blast while doing them.  I recommend that every Taekwondo student goes to camp at some point in their Moo Sul Kwan martial arts journey!

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