Friday, November 11, 2011

Lee H. Park Team Championships

The 2011 Lee H. Park Team Championships on December 10, features our third CTI Hanmandang.

Usually, there are dynamic sparring competitions at each of our CTI tournaments and other CTI events – and we do love to spar!  But once a year, we take this special time and honor MSK / AMASEA founder Lee H. Park and our parents, family members and friends with a special CTI Hanmandang.

A Hanmadang differs from other Taekwondo competitions in that participants do not fight each other.  The CTI Hanmandang is a day to come together and celebrate all of our hard work and successes.  This is shown through demonstrations and competitions of all belt ranks and ages at the hanmandang.  CTI students and instructors will show many dynamic things that they learn day-in and day-out in our regular class.

At this year’s hanmandang, many areas of our Moo Sul Kwan martial arts will be represented through exciting demonstrations and divisions like:  Team Poomse, Team Creative Basics, Team One-Step / Self-Defense, Individual Breaking, Most Kicks Kontest, Basics Challenge, Team Staff Poomse, Staff Poomse and even a Black Belt Mystery Competition.  To see more information on rules click here.

The many important benefits of the CTI Hanmandang are derived from the amount of time and effort that students and instructors will spend refining their technique and power for this special day.  They know that they are representing their CTI Campus, their instructor, their fellow students and themselves.  The successes received from the whole process of; getting ready for the Hanmandang, performing at the Hanmandang and evaluating their Hanmandang performances will be longlasting.

Get ready for an exciting day at Alameda High School - this will be a fitting way to finish up this fabulous year of 2011.  Bring a camera!

Our CTI Christmas Party will take begin at 5:00 PM after the hanmandang!

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