Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Things You Must Have!

By Jim Sautel, 7th dan

There's no way around it for Moo Sul Kwan Success.

Every worthwhile thing or endeavor has items that have got to be on the checklist to succeed.  For example, human beings have to have oxygen.  Cars need gas or a gas-substitute to operate.  Basketballs need baskets.

In class the other night, it happened again.  Students in the junior black belt class were blasting their basics out.  They were sharp and crisp. . . they were strong and refined for where they were at - and that feeling hit me again.  That feeling of knowing that basics is something that we just have to have in our MSK martial arts for success.  Basics are - Essential things.  Primary things.   Indispensable things.  Elemental things.  Critical things.

In Moo Sul Kwan martial arts we have to have basics.  Just as a fish needs water, just as a bird needs feathers, and just as a bear needs hair, we need the constant presence of MSK basics in our training.

With constant thought and training given to basics, successes are guaranteed.  We reach different layers of understanding, complex and unattainable without good strong basics.

Being successful in any area in life requires some elemental blocks, or must have a primary foundation to be present for success.  In MSK Taekwondo, it feels good to be strong in the basics.  We need and want the drilling of  basic techniques and exercises because we know what it takes to reach the outer limits.

Notice how wonderful it feels when we get back to “regular” class after our competitions and events. Dynamic Moo Sul Kwan students instinctively look forward to the good, hard basic routine after such adventures.  Want success, keep doing your basics!

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