Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CTI Black Belt Team Preparing for Germany

The CTI Black Belt Demo Team is preparing for its trip to Germany this summer.  This will be CTI's fifth World Tour in ten years - South Korea in 2001, Ireland in 2004, Mexico in 2006 and New Zealand in 2007 preceded the trip to Germany the CTI went to Russia.

Along the way, the Demo Team has competed, trained, given seminars and demonstrated to fellow Taekwondo practitioners while learning about the different cultures of just some of the 70 million Taekwondo players in the world.

This year the Team is going to explore the Bavarian region of Southern Germany with a short time in Salzburg, Austria.

The 2011 CTI Black Belt Demo Team consists of these black belts:  Jim Sautel, Mindy Sautel, John Sautel, Erik Albrechtson, Karen McHugh, Freddy Sautel, Clayton Garner, Alice Meyung, Dustin Wheeler, Jamie Sautel, Abdu Kikhia, Brian Steward, Bridget Sautel, Stephen Sautel, Michael Sandusky, Noha Kikhia, Neda Kikhia, Thomas Sautel, Annie Sautel, Sierra Field, Eric Evans.

Under black belts are:  Delaney Zandin, Eilidh Spery, Kathleen Sautel, Caleb Feagans, Mark Cordova, Ryan Lindner, Jordan Stiller, Kyle Feagans, Marcy Feagans, Coghan Spery, Addie Spery and Sam Johnson.

There are also 16 other family members and friends going as a support crew!

Team practices are on Saturdays after the regular class and meeting schedule.

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