Friday, January 18, 2013

Simple Formula for Success

By Jim Sautel, 7th dan

"One More Time" Equals Success

If you've been on one of our CTI demo teams or have prepared for a tournament under your instructor’s watchful eye, you've probably heard the sentence before, “One more time.”  In fact I’m sure you recognize it as our official, oft-repeated, practice battle cry.

This is what usually happens, just when you've finished going through your part in the demo fifty times or more, that sentence inevitably comes from your instructor - after they complement you on the fantastic job of almost getting it just about right that time.  You'
ve probably also experienced that feeling (that just one more time feeling) when you practice your breaking technique.  The distancing sure felt good.  The speed felt nice, but deep down in your gut you felt like your target was a just hair to the left.  So, you do it—just one more time.  And you do it probably one more time, and then one more time, and then, just one more time.

Why do we do things “one more time”?  Why can’t we just be satisfied with our efforts to this point?  Why do it again when we know how to do it?  In fact, we could probably do it backwards and forwards!

The reason why we do it “one more time” is because we are human.  Because we are human, we need the extra repetitions.  More repetitions mean better muscle memory.  We turn our practiced movements into reflexes that will snap into place when we have to perform our demo.  Doing that demo part “one more time” continuously allows us to develop and refine our technique.  We may even add moves or take ones out through the constant “one more time” philosophy when doing the demo one more time.

In Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts, working on everything from demos to sparring with our just “one more time” attitude reveals something very important to us.  Reavealed to us is self-discipline, self-control, and expertise in our art.  That good ol’ “one more time” philosophy acts as a conduit to a place where we can be ultimately successful —we find out what works best through never ending repetitions.

Thomas Edison was probably big on the “one more time” idea.  Think of the Wright Brothers, Christopher Columbus, Marconi, Farnsworth, George Washington and your MSK instructor and you can see the benefits and effects of what happens when someone takes hold of that “one more time” mind-set.  So when your instructor pats you on the back and complements you—be ready to also hear, “One more time” - and be glad that you did.

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