Friday, February 1, 2013

The CTI Super Bowl is Here!

The 39th CTI Super Bowl!
THE SUPER BOWL has finally arrived!  The weather got us back in March when we had to postpone the tournament weekend due to snow.....the last time this happened was in 1988.  Mother Nature wins . . . this time.

So you know what this means?  It means that we are going to have the best Super Bowl of all time!  This weekend - APRIL 26 - 27!

It will take place at Alameda International High School in Lakewood, Colorado.

There will be events for all ages and belt levels.  Black Belts and red belts begin on Friday evening.  You can check your 39th CTI Super Bowl tri-fold for start times, for registration and other information, or you can click here.

Let's make this the best tournament of all time!   See you there!

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