Monday, June 5, 2017

33rd MSK Summer Expo is Great!

Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXIII brought many surprises, lots of action, and was one wonderful weekend to remember!

This was the sixteenth different location in Colorado, for the Summer Expo, and it was incredible!  Participants stayed and trained at the Keystone Lodge and Conference Center where everyone enjoyed first class attitude and service from the resort staff.  An absolutely beautiful backdrop to the three days of intense training that everyone enjoyed.

Martial arts race team getting ready to runThe Expo XXXIII Teaching Staff was led by; Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin, Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand and Grandmaster James M. Sautel, along with Moo Sul Kwan Master Instructors Mindy Sautel, John Sautel, Erik Albrechtson, Alice Meyung, Freddy Sautel and Clayton Garner.  Also on the Teaching Staff were MSK Instructors; Bridget Sautel, Abdu Kikhia, Brian Steward, Michael Sandusky, Hope Morgan, Stephen Sautel, Eric Evans, Eileen Lindner, Coghan Spery and Shekina DeTienne.

Classes began on Friday evening after opening ceremonies which included demonstrations from CTI Campuses with the Expo XXXIII theme, "Moo Sul Kwan's for Everyone!"  There were classes in sparring, poomse, one-step sparring, breaking, basics, falling and throwing, exercise, target holding, self-defense techinque and many more.

Saturday began nice and early for the black belts.  GM Sautel worked them out for a nice start to the day.  Red belts then followed with a early morning workout, with morning classes for all belt levels and ages that went until lunch time.  During the day there were also classes for the parents and friends of MSK.

On Saturday afternoon, the second year of the Broken Knuckle Challenge took place.  This year the competitors were mixed according to age and belt level and placed on teams.  There were also two Parent Teams that competed in the Broken Knuckle Challenge!  This was the very first year parents were on the race - and they did an outstanding job.  Teams made their way through the course completing the different challenges, pushing themselves to their limits to get through the tasks, then helping their teammates do the same.

The Expo Saturday Evening Banquet was fun and full of surprises.   After the nice dinner there was Grandmaster Hildebrand singing, a few awards, some CTI Movie Trailers, and the fun music of Moo Sul Rock.  The 300 banquet attendees of all ages had a festive time.

Sunday morning didn't find the Expo slowing down.  The well-worn Moo Sul Kwan black belts and red belts were up and at it at 6:00 AM working on sparring training and staff exercise....with several starting practice even earlier.

There were classes for everyone beginning at 8:00 AM and everyone did a fantastic job going strong and squeezing every last drop out of the Expo until the very last class of the day.

During the closing ceremonies, the top three BKC II winning teams were announced, everything was cleaned up and everyone said their goodbyes - until the next time!

Check for pictures on Facebook and our photo albums on the website.

Monday, May 8, 2017

MSK Summer Expo XXXIII

The Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXIII patch

Our Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXIII is happening June 2 - 4, at beautiful Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado!

There are classes, workshops, events, seminars and more for all ages and belt levels.  Students and instructors, family members and friends come from across the AMASEA to take part in this three day Moo Sul Kwan weekend.

Special guests include; Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin who is a world-renowned Judo expert and close personal friend of Moo Sul Kwan.  Also coming from St. Louis, Missouri, is MSK President Charles F. Hildebrand who is celebrating his 50th year in Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts.  Other master instructors teaching at the Expo include; Mindy Sautel, John Sautel, Erik Albrechtson, Fred Sautel, Alice Meyung and Clayton Garner.

The action begins on Friday evening and goes until noon on Sunday.  The theme of this best weekend of the summer is, "Moo Sul Kwan is for Everyone!"

There are classes for everyone, even special classes for our parents and friends of MSK.  To stay with our Expo XXXIII theme, there will be a Parents Team on our MSK Broken Knuckle Challenge II (The Expo MSK obstacle course) too!

Register now!  Space is limited, and time is short!

Monday, May 1, 2017

All-City Champs Fights Snow and Wins!

Black belt taekwondo woman performing a roundhouse kick while sparring

The 2017 All-City Championships is in the books!  341 students and instructors from across the Colorado Taekwondo Institute competed in poomse, free-sparring, breaking and more at the annual Moo Sul Kwan martial arts event.  Held in Lakewood at Alameda International Jr/Sr High School, the All-City Champs was hampered by a big spring snow that began on Friday evening and went thru Saturday.

Friday night began with black belt poomse divisions, followed by balck belt sparring and breaking.  The higher level black belts competed in blindfolded breaking and the evening finished strong.  On Saturday, the day began early with competitions for all ages and belt levels.

To see some photos of the 2017 All-City Championships, click here.  There are also some photos on our CTI Faceboook page and the Lee H. Park's Moo Sul Kwan Facebook page.

Black Belt Grand Champions were Michael Sandusky (Golden) and Natasha McKernan (Green Mountain).


1st place
Keet Holdridge, Dakota Jesse, Theo Lincke, Stephen Sautel
Natasha McKernan, Eric Evans, Hope Morgan, Sarah Luper
Lauren Smith, Joshua Miller, Evelyn LaMorgese, Arkhip Saratovsev
Joshua Stencel, Reick Rodriguez, Ashton Price, Nina Madayag
Dante Hulin, Julian Moore, Bill Schwartz, Kylee Rusher
Da Minh Tran, Emily Artman, Angela Almaraz, Bella Lasater
Brandy Loback, Mariah Cordova, Francesca DeGroot, Megan Garcia
David Smith, Mary Moen, Alden Seashore, John Cook
Alex Hancey, Graham Hainbach, Brian O'Reilly, Jack Weichert
Caitlin Sosta, Lars den Hartog, Erich McCarthy, Alex Schwartz
Colin Cook, Meilani Wilcox, Tait Shamus, Isabella Sandoval
Oliver Gomez, Jensen Cook, Jett Herblan, Kylee Odom
Christian Jezek, Ashton Sipes, Andrew Votaw, Brandon Yu
Lexus Grigsby, Camila DeGroot, Jackson Feik, Sabrina Jensen

2nd place
Eileen Lindner, Lexi Johannes, Tyler Murphy, Collin Kruetz
Trish Nguyen, Merrick Oleszek, Bridget Sautel, David Malec
Ellie Stanton, Deb Denny, Christian Lloyd, Ed Stanton
T. J. Tibbetts, Colston Yoder, Gillian Boswell, Aidan Sturm
Phillip Hoenmans, Sean Konrad, Nico Trilk, Katie Dahle
Christina Manna, Abbey Salamera, Taylor Tipton, Nethika Suraweera
Jaden Jesse, Brian Mapes, Chiara Esposito, India Ross
Scott Hancey, Conor McCarthy, Emerald Shankin, Fran Walker
Christopher Cardella, Xavriel Robles, Logan Rumph, Charlie Morrison
Grant McKissack, Jayden Scherer, Audrey Logan, Max Babcock
Isaac Zink, Harrison Dee, Ryann Beaver, Sean Revels
Aiden Gomez, Holly Fergason, Rachel Bakkum, Ella Hayes
Thomas Sleight, Rowan Lasater, Juliana DeGroot, Siri Seashore
Rickert Speckman, Tristan Garcia, Caiden Murphy, Leto Ochsner

3rd place
Brynn Konrad, Devon Bilyeu, Coghan Spery, Nathaniel McKernan
Kathleen Sautel, Don Johnson, Michael Sandusky, Jameson Healy
Kaddie Williams, Konner Evans, Jacobi Field, Brendon Dills
Nick Tibbetts, Brecken Lusk, Cody Jacobson, Quynn Cotner
Steve Daniel, Lee Tomjack, Mitchell Oleszek, Jason Stencel, Jr.
Braden Zack, Elizabeth Hawkins, Laila Loback, Yosef Rutan
Lex DeHaven, Brendan Arink, Ian Burger, Mateo Piza
Craig Cardella, Hannah Meadows, Jacob Hoenmans, Pierumberto Sosta
Carson Ayers, Roland Dander, Larry Rathbone, Jack Henning
Khristin Paisley, Annie Abbink, Theryn Ochsner, Aaron Maloit
Dylan Soule, Luke Dignan, Mailee Wallace, Amadeo Sandoval
Ruby Dignan, Alexis Chavez, Connor Girard, Averie Chavez
Sidney Bratten, Warren McDonald, Hudson Burger, Rylan Romanin
Michael Lemmon, William Van Oster, Rachel Wilcox, Kylan Alfaro

4th place
Jennifer McKernan, Shekina DeTienne, Zach Greaves, Peyton Brauch
Makayla Trapp, Ryan Wyngarden, Andy McDaniel, Hudson Van Voorhees
Lance Schwartz, Jasmine Salamera, Jason Stencel, Sr., Mathias Bauer
Elijah Alire, Alice Warnick, Isaac Jensen, Mohale Mitchell
Chase Wyngarden, Devon Lewis, Lindsey Boswell, Mya Field
Jeffrey Bowen, Courtney Moen, Vi Vu, , Adriana Hoy
Kameron Cook, Ben Barron, Rosario Ramirez, Cid Breeser
Adina Johnson, Lucas Kaster, Helen Grenillo, Kevin Villa
Kaden Henning, Shaydon Tuttle, Alejandro Ramirez, Andra Vieru
Jonathan Castro, Paul Paisley, Gavin Thurman, Caleb Port
Jade Trujillo, Sylvia Yu, Grant Maloit, Noah Gomez
Layla Trujillo, Ahas Weerapura, Thomas Burden, Aidan Soule
Norah Feik, Lennix Chavez, Finnegan Handlin, Layla Tran
Sophia Sandoval, Mattox Talamantez, Marley Powers

Tiger Poomse

1st place
Paton Mittelsted, Tyler Moore, Graden Comstock, Kaeden Alfaro
Charlie Booten, Ryan Marine, Jacob Callaway, Benjamin Bjelica
Zoey Krupp, Kaiden Rogers-Rees, Andrew Wilcox, Hudson Handlin
Eric Rathbone, Lexington Dee, Amalina Tarr, Mason Rutz
Lincoln Walker, Zachary Cotner, Zachary Cotner, Sage Shamus
Oliver Garner


1st place
Michael Sandusky, Mark Scott, Jennifer McKernan, Tyler Murphy
Collin Kreutz, Natasha McKernan, Trish Nguyen, Ryan Wyngarden
Mya Field, Abbey Salamera, Lara Daniel, Arkhip Saratovtsev
Mathias Bauer, Jason Stencel, Sr., Sean Konrad, Lance Schwartz
Gillian Boswell, Aidan Sturm, Hudson Van Voorhees, Ashton Price
Bella Lasater, Jacob Hoenmans, Xavriel Robles, Pierumberto Sosta
Brendan Arink, Ariana Hoy, Darcy Stanton, Chris Cardella
Diego Quezada, Caitlin Sosta


1st place
Kathleen Sautel, Bridget Sautel, Peyton Brauch, Eric Evans
Dakota Jesse, Brynn Konrad, Michael Sandusky, Abbey Salamera
Arkhip Saratovtcev, Sarah Luper, Ellie Stanton, Jacobi Field
Dean Loux, Luke Smith, Lauren Smith, David Malec
Aidan Sturm, Sean Konrad, Nico Trilk, Jason Stencel, Jr.
Ashton Price, Alice Warnick, Emerald Shankin, Kevin Villa
Roland Dander, Makawee Mitchell, Jaden Jesse, Adina Johnson
Mary Moen, Jack Henning, Angela Almaraz, Lex DeHaven
Darcy Stanton, Cid Breeser, Fran Walker, Xavriel Robles
Caitlin Sosta, Averie Chavez, Warren McDonald, Zachary Cotner
Audrey Logan, Hunter Hughes, Isabella Sandoval, Tristan Garcia
Aidan Soule, Luke Dignan, Oliver Gomez, Owen Hughes
Meilani Wilcox, Tait Shamus, Connor Girard, Lucy Paisley
Sean Revels, Aaron Maloit, Alexis Chavez

2nd place
Zach Greaves, Keet Holdridge, T.J. Gutierrez, Andy McDaniel
Coghan Spery, Shekina DeTienne, Gwen Gutierrez, Lydia Willis
Quynn Cotner, Nick Tibbetts, Calvin Jensen, Devon Lewis
Julian Marine, Braden Zack, Susan Burgstiner, Dante Hulin
Ed Stanton, Jovan Moore, Kylee Ruhser, Mya Field
Elizabeth Hawkins, Sam LaMorgese, Ian Burger, Kim Freeman
Pier Sosta, Brian O'Reilly, Jackie Uchiyama, Alex Hancey
Laila Loback, Jack Weichert, Bella Lasater, Cheyenne Selbe
Lauren Dahlberg, Katelynn Ward, Logan Rumph, Jonathan Castro
Diego Quezada, Courtney Moen, Ryann Beaver, Issac Zink
Sullivan Dee, Mailee Wallace, Brandon Yu, Jensen Cook
Juliana DeGroot, Caleb Port, Gavin Thurman, Soren Vanderstek
Grant Maloit, Will Kennedy, Theryn Ochsner, Kylan Alfaro
Elsie McDonald, Mason Rutz, Aiden Gomez, Rachel Bakkum

3rd place
Trish Nguyen, Jennifer McKernan, Collin Kreutz, Mark Scott
Devon Bilyeu, Nina Madayag, Tyler Murphy, Mohale Mitchell
Emily Artman, Christina Manna, Mia Rubio, Brecken Lusk
Melvin Marine, Steve Daniel, Kaddie Williams, Cody Jacobson
Joshua Stencel, Chase Wyngarden, Josh Miller, Marley Griffin
Colston Yoder, Gillian Boswell, Trystan Button, Rosario Ramirez
Michael Meadows, Mariah Cordova, Chris Cardella, Adriana Hoy
Chiara Esposito, Kaylyn McEwan, Jacob Hoenmans, Kylia Warren
Lucas Kaster, Hudon Van Voorhees, Patrick Stolle, Scott Hancey
Graham Hainbach, Nethika Suraweera, Sabrina Jensen, Ashton Sipes
Oliver Garner, Lexus Grigsby, Allan Stanton, Sophia Sandoval
Colin Cook, Mattox Talamantez, Michael Lemmon, Caiden Murphy
Sylvia Yu, Andrew Votaw, William Van Oster, Adam Lemmon
Harper Farquhar, McKenna Comstock, Thomas Burden, Silas Rees

4th place
Nathaniel McKernan, Merrick Oleszek, Kameron Evans, Don Johnson
Ethan Trapp, Eileen Lindner, Makayla Trapp, Elijah Alire
Isaac Jensen, Konner Evans, Logan Gill, Christian Lloyd
Mathias Bauer, Lindsey Boswell, Bill Schwartz, Jason Stencel, Sr.
Erick Rodriguez, Anya Trilk, Sarah Dahle, Nikki Garcia
Jameson Healy, Vi Vu, , Kaden Henning, Craig Cardella
Brian Mapes, Charlie Morrison, Francesca DeGroot, Alden Seashore
Andra Vieru, Angeleena Amaducci, Shaydon Tuttle, Taylor Tipton
Ben Barron, Trysten Button, Rosario Ramirez, Ruby Dignan
Aydin Shaffer , Siri Seashore , Camila DeGroot, Lennix Chavez
Harrison Dee, Hudson Burger, Amadeo Sandoval, Layla Tran
Ahas Weerapura, Rachel Wilcox, Erick Rathbone, Noah Gomez
Jordan Rutz

First Point Wins!

1st place
Lexi Johannes, Bridget Sautel, Theo Lincke, Eric Evans
Ryan Wyngarden, Nina Madayag, Zach Greaves, Abbey Salamera
Arkhip Saratovtsev, Mya Field, Ellie Stanton, Jacobi Field
Ed Stanton, Steve Daniel, Katie Dahle, Aidan Sturm
T.J. Tibbetts, Nico Trilk, Chase Wyngarden, Lance Schwartz
Quynn Cotner, Lydia Willis, Kevin Villa, Emerald Shankin
Ben Barron, Annie Abbink, Mateo Piza, Jaden Jesse
Cheyenne Selbe, Adina Johnson, Alden Seashore, Kylia Warren
Alex Hancey, Helen Grenillo, Cid Breeser, Pier Sosta
Ian Burger, Amy Krupp, Noah Gomez, Mason Rutz
Lexus Grigsby, Hunter Hughes, Isabella Sandoval, Dylan Soule
Andrew Votaw, Luke Dignan, Oliver Gomez, Caiden Murphy
Sylvia Yu, Jensen Cook, Thomas Burden, Mailee Wallace
William Van Oster, Sean Revels, Ruby Dignan, Marley Powers

2nd place
Natasha McKernan, Eileen Lindner, Collin Kreutz, Don Johnson
T.J. Gutierrez, Brynn Konrad, Michael Sandusky, Emily Artman
Mohale Mitchell, Christina Manna, Kylee Ruhser, Jovan Moore
Dean Loux, Luke Smith, Lindsey Boswell, Mitchell Oleszek
Mathias Bauer, Josh Miller, Sean Konrad, Jason Stencel, Jr.
Colston Yoder, Gillian Bowell, Alex Bollinger, India Ross
Talus Folks, Mariah Cordova, Brendan Arink, Adriana Hoy
Sage Icaza, Kaylyn McEwan, Jacob Hoenmans, Angela Almaraz
Lucas Kaster, Darcy Stanton, Brian Mapes, Scott Hancey
Xavriel Robles, Caitlin Sosta, Warren McDonald, Erick Rathbone
Audrey Logan, Kylan Alfaro, Theryn Ochsner, Tristan Garcia
Aidan Soule, Mattox Talamantez, Harrison Dee, Owen Hughes
Meilani Wilcox, Tait Shamus, Connor Girard, Siri Seashore
Isaac Zink, Adam Lemmon, Ella Hayes, Rachel Bakkum

Staff Poomse

1st place
Michael Sandusky, Theo Lincke, Shekina DeTienne, Nathaniel McKernan
Keet Holdridge

2nd place
Brynn Konrad, Collin Kreutz, Ethan Trapp, Peyton Brauch
Andy McDaniel

3rd place
Hope Morgan, Nathaniel McKernan, Dakota Jesse, Stephen Sautel
Makayla Trapp

Friday, April 28, 2017

Learning Martial Arts With Your Family

By Craig Cardella, Green Belt

Who has seen their child on the basketball court or soccer field make a great play and then immediately, like iron is drawn to a magnet, look directly to the stands for their parent’s pride and approval? One of the greatest pleasures in life is watching your kids play sports, build confidence and create new friendships. What if you had the opportunity to join your kid’s high school soccer team? It might be a little scary to take the field on that first day but then, rather than sitting in the stands, you could actively participate with your son or daughter in the learning, growth and enjoyment of the sport. A chance like this doesn’t present itself very often, especially in the fast lane of a child’s youth, so consider this adventure wisely. Take the first bow and join your child in the dojang. You won’t regret the lifetime of memories you’ll carry with you from that first day forward, not to mention your own personal growth as the cherry on top.
Family martial arts school near me
My son and I joined the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. We weren't initially looking for family martial arts. My son was interested in classes and after some research, we picked the CTI. We couldn't have been happier. After a year of my son doing classes, I decided it was time to stop sitting and watching and jump in with him. As I said before, how many opportunities like that will we get?

One of the first things you’ll hear, presuming your child started before you donned your white belt, is “Dad, you know you’re going to have to call me 'sir' since I’ll get my black belt before you?” With those joyous words you hope you both will stick with it through all those belts, tests, happy board breaks and sparring wins. Determination and perseverance, among other benefits, are two characteristics you’ll both be crowned with as you continue down your path. When I’m in class with my son we both see one another, checking for proper stance or chamber hands and to make sure our energy output is high, with a happiness level to match. Even better are the tournaments; preparing at home with additional patterned movement practice, holding pillows for practice breaking and then performing the final act on tournament day.

My son is now two and a half years into his journey and I’m a year behind him. The strength, confidence and discipline we both learn in the workout room translates to our home, school and personal lives in general. We’re having fun, growing stronger together and when he looks to the stands for his parent’s approval, he doesn’t have to look far.

Next time you find yourself thinking or Googling, "what are some family activities near me?" consider checking in with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute to see what they have to offer for your family.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Modest Person is one who Recognizes the Need to Grow

By Lynne Dean, red belt, CTI Black Belt Club Member

If you look at the definitions above for modesty vs. arrogance, the common theme is under-stating or over-stating your abilities.  So whether you are perceived as modest or arrogant depends on the observer’s perception of how you see yourself and your abilities vs. what they think.

Martial arts women in sparring pads getting ready to spar at a Taekwondo tournamentNo one really likes being called arrogant because that, by definition, means you proudly overstate your capabilities and assume an overbearing manner towards those around you.  Someone perceived as an arrogant person has turned off people around them.  And, if I am perceived as arrogant, then I must not think I have room to grow and might not make the most of the resources around me.

So, the conservative approach and one that is best set for overall growth is to err towards the side of modesty.  It doesn’t mean that I become self-deprivating. I have skills that I should be proud of. However, if I am modest, then I recognize that there is always room to grow and develop even more skills and abilities.  If I keep that approach to modesty, then I still set myself up for success and reduce the chance for frustration.  There is also a chance that my interactions with those around me might be less contentious because I am conscientious about how I present myself in an attempt to NOT be arrogant/over-bearing (a.k.a. obnoxious).

A modest person is one who recognizes the need to grow; to seek validation; and to seek feedback.  Therefore, I have the best chance to become a better person with greater skills by remaining modest and seeking out growth.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Let Me Grab Your Attention: a CTI Testimonial

By Brian Mapes, yellow belt

Let me grab your attention by saying in my first 100 days in my Taekwondo classes, I’ve lost 9 pounds and 1 5/8 inches in my waist.

Adults doing martial arts patterns near a pondAs an adult, I was attracted to adult martial arts.  And like many of us, I’ve put off having an exercise program due to my lack of free time and always chasing an income. Things have changed in my life this past year by attaining some financial goals so now I can focus on MY physical needs with Taekwondo. I’ve seen many people over age 40 that are 50 pounds overweight and they can’t even stand up straight. What a terrible way to spend your later-years. We’ve all worked so hard to create a great future and it’s a shame when we get there, some of us won’t be able to enjoy it.  DON’T be that person!

Taekwondo has been the answer for many of us.  The classes are structured for maximum strength and flexibility from the time you walk into the classroom until you leave 90 minutes later.  I attend two classes a week – Monday and Wednesday starting at 7pm.  Our main instructor is Master Albrechtson.  He has been in Taekwondo for over 25 years! When you meet him, or any of the instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, you will find them passionate & knowledgeable for your success.

Another gentleman in this organization is Grandmaster James Sautel.  He was the founder of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute.  I heard him say that most any student who commits to this art can achieve the “black belt level” in about three to five years.  Since this is the ninth belt color you will be in, I know it’s possible.

The instructors warm us up with some exercises and then we move on to some adult martial art moves called the basics.  These are the “backbone” for our training and success in class. Each student has multiple objectives that are met with this program.  Here are just a few I’ve seen myself and others achieve:

  • Quality use of our leisure time
  • Develop self-defense skills
  • Becoming more self-confident, self-esteem and self-disciplined 
  • Success at goal setting with your self-directed learning at home

Students develop and improve on some behaviors: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit even while working out real hard.  After the basics are completed, we all begin practicing defined patterns of defense and attack moves called Poomse, or patterned movements. These techniques are without an opponent and are designed to increase the student’s proficiency and techniques.  Some of the benefits in doing these are improved:

  • Breathing
  • Control
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Agility of your body, feet and hands
  • Development of muscles 

In order to test ourselves to see how we are progressing with our fitness and skills, we spar with one another in padded gear and practice escapes from someone attaching us at different angles.  By doing this we learn timing, speed, judgement of distance and precision for a counter-attack.  A few times a year we will get together with five other Taekwondo campuses in town and have a tournament. This is a great time to make some new friends who have similar interests as you. Friendships have been lifelong with many students.

So consider checking out the Colorade Taekwondo Institute if your looking for a fitness program or martial arts for adults. If you try it, you’ll love it. I’ll see you in class!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Start of Summer: the 2017 All-City Champs!


Karate kid sparring at Denver metro area Martial Arts Taekwondo Tournament

April 28 & 29, 2017
Alameda International High School

Dear Students and Instructors:

Moo Sul Kwan martial arts were brought to the United States in 1969, by Lee H. Park.  For over four decades, Moo Sul Kwan has hosted championship tournaments and events for the positive educational experiences of its students and instructors.  Our 2017 All-City Champs is a wonderful event and a chance to begin the Summer of ‘17 with success!

Prepare well!

James M. Sautel, 7th dan


The All-City Championships has grown over the many years and celebrates the start of our CTI-year with exciting competitions and demonstrations. There will be divisions involving all ages and belt levels where competitors will test their skills with fellow students and instructors from all the CTI programs. There are CTI Campus locations in Green Mountain, Littleton, Westminster, Golden, Conifer and Craig, CO. The CTI also provides educational excellence at Montessori Peaks Academy, Red Rocks Elementary, Our Lady of Fatima School, Grant Ranch K-8, West Woods Elementary and Westridge Elementary.

All-City Champs Schedule

6:00pm—Black Belts

6:30am—Black Belts
8:00am—Red, Brown, Purple (all ages)
10:00am—White-Blue (8 and under)
12:00noon—White-Blue (9 and up)
Line up of all belts, group picture and group demonstration occurs at noon

Registration is Online!