Monday, June 4, 2018

MSK Summer Expo XXXIV


Students, instructors, family members and friends from all over met at the Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado, for the  34th Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo.

Taking place from June 1-3, the theme of Expo XXXIV was "Charging into the Future!"  Each  CTI / MSK / AMASEA event during the past year was bigger and stronger than ever because of the constant charge of our students and instructors.  This year's dynamic Expo Teaching Staff wanted to ride this dynamic wave and help Expo participants experience the idea of what charging into the future is all about.

Group photo from the Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo 34There were classes in sparring, poomse, one-step sparring, self-defense, judo, MSK Hapkido, target kicking and more.  Featured master instructors at this year's Summer Expo were:  Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin, 9th dan, Grandmaster Charles Hildebrand, 8th dan, Grandmaster Jim Sautel, 8th dan, Grandmaster Merinda Sautel, 7th dan, Grandmaster John Sautel, 7th dan, Master Erik Albrechtson, 6th dan, Master Fred Sautel, 5th dan, Master Clayton Garner, 5th dan, Master Alice Meyung, 5th dan and Master Tom Hunter, 5th dan.

Classes began on Friday evening and continued the next morning.  Special classes for black and red belts began at 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM respectively.  All other belts had their first class at 8:00 AM and worked hard to lunch time.  There were also special classes for our parents and friends of Moo Sul Kwan.

The Broken Knuckle Challenge III started after lunch.  Divisions of students performed many different tasks and took on hard challenges that pushed their limits at the over 9,000 ft. elevation of Keystone!   On Saturday evening, everyone got together for the annual Expo Banquet and Party!  Music was provided by the black belt band, Moo Sul Rock, with some special guest performers including MSK and AMASEA President Hildebrand.  During the evening, each CTI Campus presented a video of an original television commercial for a TV show.  Some of the video-shorts were Gilligan's Taekwondo Island, Kicking with the Stars, Family Feud, The Intense and the Powerful and The Black Belt Apprentice.

Sunday began early for the upper belts with some advanced training, followed by classes for everyone until the closing ceremonies.

Broken Knuckle Challenge III results:

Parents      1st-Debbie Eichelberger   2nd-Miha Vieru   3rd-Amy Chavez

Black Belt Men I    1st-Mark Scott   2nd-Andy McDaniel and Rick Orton   3rd-Kyle Feagans

Black Belt Men II    1st-Brian Steward   2nd-Peyton Brauch   3rd-Caleb Feagans

Advanced Women    1st- Jennifer McKernan   2nd-Irene Kim   3rd-Eileen Lindner

Adult Women    1st-Kaddie Willians   2nd-Kirun Agarwal   3rd-Lauren Smith

Adult Men    1st-Brian Jense   2nd-Brian O'Reilly   3rd-Diego Quezada

Intermediate Women    1st-Kayla Roberts   2nd-Annie Jensen and Vi Vu   3rd-Courtney Moen

Teen 1    1st-Chase Wyngarden   2nd-Jameson Healy   3rd-Josh Miller

Teen 2    1st-India Ross   2nd-Mateo Piza   3rd-Robbie Crandell and Sean Huntley

Teen 3     1st-Jacob Bloom   2nd-Zoie Anglin   3rd-Hannah Meadows

Junior Adv 1     1st-Julian Marine   2nd-Bella Lasater   3rd-Turner Jensen

Junior Int 1    1st- Katelyn Minden   2nd- Colton Anglin   3rd- Lorainna Shultz

Junior Adv 2     1st-Caiden Murphy   2nd-Nathaniel McKernan   3rd-Ryann Beaver

Junior Int 2    1st-Lily Strickland   2nd-Marley Powers   3rd- Kylee Odom and Ali Wolfe

Monday, May 21, 2018

Changing the World with Respect

By Amy Krupp, blue belt, CTI BBC Member

While reading the daily news, it’s hard not to get a little bit down about the state of the world. It seems lately that the only news is bad news. I can’t help but think that the world would be a much better place if everyone did their best to treat every person they interact with on a daily basis with respect. Respect is such a simple thing really, but something that can have a huge positive impact on the world.

Martial arts black belt and student showing respect with a bowThe dictionary defines respect as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” I like to think of respect as something a little bit broader than that though. I recently read a story about a father explaining the concept of respect to his children, and I like the definition he gave them. He said that respect is treating something that matters like it matters, and disrespect is treating something that matters like it doesn’t matter. It’s a simple definition, but it really resonated with me. I try to live my life in that way. My family and friends mean a great deal to me, so I do my best to show them how much they mean to me by showing them respect. I do this by showing my love and support, and doing whatever I can to make sure they know that they are valued and important. This can permeate in every aspect of life. You can show respect for your belongings by treating them like they matter- whether that means changing the oil in your car, or sweeping the floor in the kitchen. You can show respect for your studies by listening to your teacher, studying for your exams, and doing your homework. You can show respect for yourself by eating right, getting your exercise, and getting enough sleep. Respect can be shown in every aspect of life.

When you move forward with this mindset of showing respect to everything and everyone, things will start to change. I know that one area of my life that I struggle to show respect is with people who have vastly different political and social beliefs than my own. It can be hard to respect someone who is saying something that completely conflicts with your own moral beliefs. But it’s important to remember that everyone is human. Just because they don’t agree with you on every topic doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. You may find that you agree with them on other topics. You may find that they have reasons for believing what they believe. I have found that I can get along with most everyone if I look for common ground, and remember that everyone deserves respect.

The next time you read the news, imagine how almost every negative story could be erased if everyone involved showed respect toward each other. When it comes down to it, we’re all just people trying to live our lives the best way we know how. Everyone is someone’s child, parent, friend, or coworker. Everyone matters. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter who that person voted for, or where they were born, or whether they think pineapple belongs on pizza. All that matters is that they are doing the best they can. You can do your part in making the world a better place, and in making the news a little happier, by looking for the good in people, and by moving forward with the intention of treating everyone and everything with respect.

Monday, April 30, 2018

All-City Championships Reaches New Heights

Martial arts kids lined up wearing sparring pads at a taekwondo tournament

A fantastic two-day championship tournament took place during the last weekend of April at Alameda International Jr/Sr High School in Lakewood, Colorado.

The action began on Friday evening and continued through Saturday.  An All-City Championships attendance record of 350 competitors entered into exciting competitions in poomse, sparring, First Point Wins!, breaking, blindfolded breaking and staff poomse.

Special guest Master Karen M. McHugh was on hand from Dingle, Ireland, along with Moo Sul Kwan black belts Mya and Jacobi Field from Canada. Also in attendance were students and instructors from Missouri, including Master Fred Sautel and Nick Slinkard.

Here are the results from the 2018 All-City Championships:


1st place
Hope Morgan, Eileen Lindner, Collin Kreutz, Natasha McKernan
Katie Dahle, Emily Artman, Merrick Olszek, Rachel Wilcox
Jonah Elstad, Jason Stencel, Sr., Katelynn Ward, Joshua Stencel
Jacob Hoenmans, Owen Robertson, Caiden Murphy, Kaddie Williams
Colin Palminteri, Da Minh Tran, Gillian Boswell, Cody Jacobson
Theryn Ochsner, Caleb Ebert, Jacob Bloom, Camila DeGroot
Alex Tan, Amy Krupp, Candice Chandler, Kayla Roberts
Zach Carney, Gabriella Sleight, Emerald Shankin, Eva Welch
Randy Hernandez, Annie Abbink, Katie Minden, Meilani Wilcox
Regan Beaver, Lydia Tan, Jackson Noller, Zoey Krupp
Nathaniel Keckler, Phineas Hallock, Mason Rutz, Andrew Wilcox
Everett Lasater, Dylan Foster, Kaydence Scott, Jackson Feik
Liam Gilmore, Aiden Soule, Layla Trujillo, Lily Strickland
Lennix Chavez, Lily Laird, Marley Powers, Luna Garcia
Hannah Holmes, Logan Keckler, Coco Dailey, Jade Trujillo

2nd place
Brian Steward, Don Johnson, Peyton Brauch, Kathleen Sautel
Ethan Price, Ryan Wyngarden, Nina Madayag , Ella Barron
Phillip Hoenmans, Vivi Brown, Brendan Arink, Christian Lloyd
Bella Lasater, Jack Weichert, Layla Tran, Lindsey Boswell
Colsten Yoder, Julian Marine, Lars den Hartog, Lydia Willis
Colin Cook, Hunter Gray, Justin Keith, Mattox Bubenik
Kim Freeman, Scott Hancey, David Glisson, Sabrina Liu
Tyler Harbaugh, Hayden Welch, Mary Moen, Debra Chandler
Zane Stephenson, India Ross, Adina Johnson, Roland Dander
Rickert Speckman, Malachi Romero, Carter Schucker, Zachary Cotner
Ivy Strickland, Alexis Chavez, Hudson Handlin, Harmony Scott
Bennett Parks, Charlie Booten, Cooper Stephenson, Nate Florence
Xiaoxue Ada Koberlein, Lucas Brown, Thomas Misiak-Kacsh, Erich McCarthy
Jordan Rutz, Benjamin Todd, Oliver Gomez, Beckett Ramsey
Keira Sherman, Anabella Briceno, Judson Ver Beek, Sierra Sanchez

3rd place
Nick Sinkard, Mark Scott, Tyler Murphy, Kenny Brancio
Lynne Dean, Makayla Trapp, Evelyn LaMorgese, Liam Greene
Avery Mitzlaff, William Schwartz, Mariah Cordova, Lance Schwartz
Tyler Cobb, Lucah Meyer, Dylan Soule, Race Sober
Quynn Cotner, Mitchell Oleszek, Miette Jandreau, TJ Tibbetts
Isabella Sandoval, Elizabeth Hawkins, Evan Shacklett, Zane Kaulbach
Khristin Paisley, Jackie Uchiyama, Kayla Romero, Deb Larson
Micah Nelson, Chance Kane, Charlotte Lafler, Hannah Meadows
Alaina Rivera, Caleb Romero, Francesca DeGroot, Soren Vanderstek
Finnegan Handlin, Alejandra Ramirez, Hudson Lo, Hunter Humeniuk
Allan Stanton, Adam Lemmon, Hunter Bates, Ryan Marine
Atom Taylor, Elise Nakamoto, Ali Wolfe, Michael Lemmon
Tegan Moore, Noah Gomez, Lucy Zappe, Averie Chavez
Jensen Cook, Sophie Brinceno, Leto Ochsner, Sophie Philpot
Penelope Cocoros, Eli Eastment, Evan McEwan, Garrett Falk

4th place
Eric Evans, Bruce Dean, Nathaniel McKernan, Ethan Trapp
Sarah Luper, Kameron Evans, Jacobi Field, Gavin Thurman
Konner Evans, Irene Kim, Shaydon Tuttle, Kylee Ruhser
Aidan Sturm, Tristan Garcia, Helen Grenillo, Alex Schwartz
Nik Tibbetts, Brecken Lusk, Meryn Probasco, Paul Paisley
Adam Harkins, Ethan Ebert, Juliana DeGroot, Patrick Stolle
Jen Hancey, Magdalynn Nelson, Beth Wolfe, Amy Daly
Jonathan Wright, Alex Hancey, Sam Wolfe, Justin Coleman
Diego Quezada, Eliseo Bandala, Kyrie Horine, Lex DeHaven
Ryder Nelson, Claire Zappe, Dylan Wellensien, Ryan Kelly
Kaytie Rogers-Rees, Toby Palminteri, Boden Cadwallader, Daniel Merida
Colton Falk, Benny Aguirre, Liam Mulligan, Thomas Sleight
Oliver Martie, Elsie McDonald, Lucy Paisley, Leo Clair
Rowan Lasater, Mia Wolfe, Gavin Scott, Sidney Bratten
Kholdyn McIntosh

Tiger Poomse

1st place
William Crowley, Rue Weerapura, Elvie Aguirre, Lettie Chavez
Ray Clair, Samuel Gomez, Chase Gentry, Amalina Tarr
Rebekkah Copel, Coraline Lizzio, Joseph Eastment, Grace Bubenik
Kora Wilcox, Roxy Codalbu, Kaiden Rogers-Rees, Sammy Powers
Oliver Hovland, Abby Booten, Julia Parrinello, Jacob Mayberry
Brecken Schubert, Rylan Wolfe, Miles Humphress


1st place
Fred Sautel, Jacobi Field, Kenny Brancio, Don Johnson
Kathleen Sautel, Emily Artman, Eileen Lindner, Tyler Murphy
Isabella Sandoval, Erick Rodriguez, Bryce Cole, Robbie Crandell
Hunter Gray, Avery Mitzlaff, Irene Kim, Colin Cook
Bella Lasater, Lance Schwartz, Da Minh Tran, Brendon Arink
Lindsey Boswell, Chance Kane, Alex Tan, Diego Quezada
Charlotte Lafler, Hannah Meadows, Alex Hancey, Camila DeGroot
Adina Johnson, Kayla Roberts


1st place
Hope Morgan, Ryan Wyngarden, Lexi Johannes, Collin Kreutz
Rick Orton, Nick Slinkard, Makayla Trapp, Chase Wyngarden
Shekina DeTienne, Marley Powers, Erich McCarthy, Lennix Chavez
Theryn Ochsner, Jason Stencel, Jr., Joshua Stencel, Kaddie Williams
Avery Mitzlaff, Dylan Soule, Aidan Sturm, Kylee Ruhser
Caleb Ebert, TJ Tibbetts, Bowen Meyer, Payton Reynolds
Ed Stanton, Miette Jandreau, Mitchell Oleszek, Roland Dander
Zane Kaulbach, Scott Hancey, Daniel Massarweh, Khristin Paisley
Nate Larson, Juliana DeGroot, Sabrina Liu, Leigha Surface
Emerald Shankin, Ethan Ebert, Caleb Romero, Alejandra Ramirez
Evan Charlton, Adina Johnson, Liam Gilmore , Aidan Soule
Bennett Parks, Oliver Hovland, Kaydence Scott, Jordan Rutz
Penelope Cocoros, Grant Shirley, Benjamin Todd, Kaylin Stearns
Evan McEwan, Averie Chavez, Hudson Handlin, Weston Wolfe
Ahas Weerapura, Nate Florence, Eleanor Smagala, Allan Stanton

2nd place
Bridget Sautel, Kenny Brancio, Trish Nguyen, Nathaniel McKernan
Mark Scott, Tyler Murphy, Nina Madayag, Jacobi Field
Eileen Lindner, Ivy Strickland, Matthew Roberts, Adam Lemmon
Lalya Tran, Colston Yoder, Lance Schwartz, Helen Grenillo
Calvin Jensen, Gavin DiNunzio, Lucah Meyer, Lauren Dahlberg
Bryce Cole, Jonah Elstad, Shaydon Tuttle, Sarah Dahle
Jason Stencel, Sr., Gillian Boswell, Da Minh Tran, Chance Kane
Soren Vandersteck, Alex Tan, Ace Garcia, Amy Krupp
Zachary Carney, Olivia Foster, Beth Wolfe, Courtney Moen
Lydia Tan, Jacob Bloom, Brooks Wood, Candice Chandler
Daniel Massarweh, Kaylyn McEwan, Liam Mulligan , Everett Lasater
Lucas Brown, Rylan Wolfe, Keira Sherman, Lucy Paisley
Mia Wolfe, Ryan Marine, Bradley Wangberg, Claire Zappe
Benjamin Crowley, Elsie McDonald, William Crowley, Zach Cotner
Oliver Gomez, Michael Lemmon, Jade Trujillo, Nathaniel Keckler

3rd place
Kathleen Sautel, Josh Miller, Natasha McKernan, Ethan Trapp
Don Johnson, Clayton Garner, Evelyn LaMorgese, Merrick Oleszek
Jennifer McKernan, Sabrina Jensen, Liam Greene, Phineas Hallock
Isabella Sandoval, Christian Lloyd, Tristan Garcia, Vivi Brown
Mateo Piza, Caiden Murphy, Owen Robertson, Bella Lasater
Lars den Hartog, Phillip Hoenmans, Brendan Arink, Elizabeth Hawkins
Lee Tomjack, Lydia Willis, Julian Marine, Jonathan Wright
Richert Speckman, Darrin McIntosh, Randy Hernandez, Nethika Suraweera
Tyler Harbaugh, Melani Wilcox, Deb Larson, India Ross
Felicity Pingkian, Alex Glisson, Alex Hancey, Hayden Welch
Roman Montoya, Katie Minden, Charlie Booten, Boden Cadwallader
Dylan Foster, Mason Rutz, Ali Wolfe, Alexis Chavez
Layla Trujillo, Gregory Smagala, Beckett Ramsey, Harmony Scott
Oliver Martie, Rachel Wilcox, Sammy Powers, Gavin Scott
Rowan Lasater, Kholdyn McIntosh, Luna Garcia, Leto Ochsner

4th place
Katie Dahle, Emily Artman, Freddy Sautel, Eric Evans
Ethan Price, Mya Field, Jameson Healy, Sarah Luper
Quynn Cotner, Colin Palminteri, Nick Tibbetts, Lindsey Boswell
Konner Evans, Will Kennedy, Jacob Hoenmans, Ellie Stanton
Adam Harkins, Erik Rodriguez, Dalton Cole, Christina Manna
Bill Schwartz, Mariah Cordova, Cody Jacobson, Michael Eric Meadows
Finnegan Handlin, Patrick Stolle, David Glisson, Jackie Uchiyama
Justin Coleman, Camilla DeGroot, Jennifer Kautz, Rosario Ramirez
Eva Welch, Malachi Romero, Diego Quezada, Debra Chandler
Eliseo Bandala, Charlotte Lafler, Ryder Nelson, Atom Taylor
Daniel Merida, Hunter Bates, Lucy Zappe, Elise Nakamoto
Hunter Humeniuk, Leo Clair, Rue Weerapura, Thomas Misiak-Kacsh
Lily Strickland, Eli Eastment, Judson Ver Beek, Benny Aguirre
Dylan Wellensiek, Ryann Beaver, Owen Hughes, Noah Gomez

First Point Wins!

1st place
Lynne Dean, Jacobi Field, Nina Madayag, Fred Sautel
Don Johnson, Nathaniel McKernan, Lexi Johannes, Ryan Wyngarden
Bridget Sautel, Aidan Soule, Liam Mulligan, Everett Lasater
Mitchell Oleszek, Moriah Cordova, Jason Stencel, Sr., Elizabeth Hawkins
Bowen Meyer, Erik Rodriguez, Caleb Ebert, Bella Lasater
Owen Robertson, Colin Cook, Avery Mitzlaff, Vivi Brown
Nick Tibbetts, Jason Stencel, Jr., Alex Schwartz, Francesca DeGroot
Evan Charlton, Candice Chandler, Brooks Wood, Ethan Ebert
Emerald Shankin, Rosario Ramirez, Beth Wolfe, Melani Wilcox
Nate Larson, Amy Krupp, Daniel  Massarweh, Alex Tan
Richert Speckman, Chance Kane, Lennix Chavez, Owen Hughes
Marely Powers, Leto Ochsner, Luna Garcia, Nate Florence
Oliver Gomez, Zach Cotner, Hudson Handlin, Rachel Wilcox
Oliver Martie, Toby Palminteri, Benjamin Todd, Gregory Smagala
Penelope Cocoros, Jordan Rutz, Kaydence Scott, Rylan Wolfe

2nd place
Jennifer McKernan, Chase Wyngarden, Makayla Traff, Brian Steward
Eric Evans, Ethan Price, Mya Field, Josh Miller
Sarah Luper , Lucas Brown, Liam Gilmore, Bennett Parks
Julian Marine, Lydia Willis, Melvin Marine, Payton Reynolds
Brendan Arink, Jonah Elstad, Hunter Gray, Ellie Stanton
Jack Weichert, Will Kennedy, Brecken Lusk, Kaddie Williams
Joshua Stencel, Colin Palminteri, Layla Tran, Charlotte Lafler
Daniel Massarweh, Alejandra Ramirez, Diego Quezada, Malachi Romero
Lydia Tan, Leigha Surface, Deb Larson, Juliana DeGroot
Micah Nelson, Kayla Roberts, Ace Garcia, Darren McIntosh
Mattox Bubenik, Roland Dander, Adam Lemmon, Matthew Roberts
Sabrina Jensen, Dylan Wellensiek, Eleanor Smagala, Kholdyn McIntosh
Judson Ver Beek, Andrew Wilcox, Sammy Powers, Elsie McDonald
Thomas Misiak-Kacsh, Harmony Scott, Ryan Marine, Bradley Wangberg
Mia Wolfe, Alexis Chavez, Ali Wolfe, Oliver Hovland

Staff Poomse

1st place
Collin Kreutz, Katie Dahle, Ryan Wyngarden, Brian Steward
Bridget Sautel, Nick Slinkard

2nd place
Nathaniel McKernan, Sarah Luper, Nina Madayag, Hope Morgan
Andy McDaniel, Eric Evans

3rd place
Kathleen Sautel, Kameron Evans, Makayla Trapp, Peyton Brauch
Eileen Lindner

Grand Champions:  Collin Kreutz, Eileen Lindner and Ryan Wyngarden

Friday, April 27, 2018

Your Local, Friendly Martial Arts School: Littleton Campus

By Katie Dahle, 1st dan
The front of the Littleton martial arts CTI

Are you on the lookout for a convenient and competent Littleton martial arts school? Maybe you have a young child with boundless energy to burn. Maybe your teenager struggles with team sports or confidence. Maybe you’re someone looking to get in shape or want to try something new. A quick google search shows several Littleton Taekwondo schools but which one is the one for you? If you want a school with world class instruction, a safe learning environment, dynamic classes, and a staff who care, then the Colorado Taekwondo Institute’s Littleton campus is the school for you.

Founded in 1994, this Littleton Taekwondo school has a talented staff of instructors, including two master instructors, who provide a time-tested curriculum tailored for every student. Recently renovated and updated, the campus has three work-out areas with custom made suspension floors and new carpeting, with viewing areas for friends and family to watch classes.

Part of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute this Littleton martial arts school offers classes five days a week in the evenings for students aged 2 and up. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute teaches the taekwondo style of Moo Sul Kwan, established in the U.S. in 1969 by Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park. These quality classes teach body control, self-defense, and healthy habits. Along with the physical benefits of this curriculum, students learn and live positive behaviors like self-control, respect, self-discipline and humility.

There may be many choices for Littleton karate schools, but the Colorado Taekwondo Institute’s Littleton campus offers high quality martial arts and self-defense classes that train each student to be well-rounded and thoughtful leaders within a life-long learning environment. Stop by this conveniently located Littleton Taekwondo school to see in person what this school can offer you and your family.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Taekwondo and Karate Lessons at the CTI

By Collin Kreutz, 2nd dan

Are you looking to begin karate lessons or martial arts classes? Would you like to get in shape, learn to defend yourself, and most importantly, become a well educated learner and leader through consistent martial arts practices? Well, you are in luck, because the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is for you!

Black belt breaking a board in taekwondo and karate lessonsThere are a multitude of reasons in which taekwondo or karate lessons will benefit you, all of which are offered at the highest level at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. The mission statement of the CTI asserts, “To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”, articulating our goal of promoting education in correlation with physical fitness. Not only will beginning your journey in Taekwondo yield a stronger, quicker, and healthier physical self, but a sharper and more thoughtfully apt mental self as well. These physical and mental growths gained from taekwondo compliment and sustain each other, promoting development and progress as a person in life outside of martial arts.

Taekwondo is a great way to develop yourself physically and get in the best maintainable shape for your own body. Involving many different kinds of physical workouts, whether it be engaging in quick intense exercises, or persistent stamina building ones, martial arts is extremely effective in both building physical strength and endurance. One of the prime contributors to the physical developments gained through taekwondo is that of consistency, which is presently available more so in taekwondo than in many other sports and activities. In general, taekwondo classes will be attended twice a week, with consistent tournament and events held alongside those throughout the year. The consistency of martial arts training will ensure that you will not fall into the struggles of losing your physical fitness, even briefly, which can be an incredibly challenging pit to pull yourself out of. Additionally, our workouts are designed to build a foundation of basics in the taekwondo training before moving no to more advanced and physically adept techniques. This ensures that your body will attain a very valuable, strong, and solid physical foundation, which is extendable to the rest of your activities in your life warranting bodily fitness.

However, the CTI is not simply concerned with developing your physical self. Our five tenets of taekwondo, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, integrity, and courtesy, are instructed into our students every single class, promoting their educational and moral developments. Taekwondo students are presented with new challenges every single day, whether it be striving for your next belt, preparing for the upcoming tournament, or even simply fixing a mistake pointed out by your instructor. Learning how to battle through new challenges in effective manners, and being able to maintain control of your mind and spirit through these challenges will be highly provocative of creating a more driven and determined individual. Additionally, students are taught a high degree of respect and honesty through their training, further developing their morally correct social and educational skills, as well as their leadership capabilities. Through training at the CTI, it can be guaranteed that the student will improve mentally as a whole, improve every other aspect of life as a more mentally healthy person.

Training at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the best choice anybody could make for themselves, their relatives, or their friends. So, if you are interested in karate, taekwondo, or martial arts classes, the CTI is the best place for you!