Friday, June 29, 2018

Your Local, Friendly Martial Arts School: Conifer Campus

The front of the building for the Conifer taekwondo school martial arts school

The Conifer corridor, including Conifer, Aspen Park, Morrison, Pine, and Bailey, is a unique foothills location southwest of Denver. Residents here enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, four wheeling, camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, and of course, TAEKWONDO. We are fortunate to have the Conifer campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute located in the Staples shopping center on Highway 285 at Pleasant Park Rd teaching the best in Conifer karate

Mountain folk are family and community oriented, which is seen in the many families who study together at this campus. It is common to see tigers, juniors and adults all taking classes at all times of the day. There is a deep sense of community and pride seen as all students help each other to succeed in belt promotions, demonstrations, and competitions.

The Conifer martial arts location of CTI was founded in 2007 by Grandmaster James. Morning and evening classes are taught by CTI President James M. Sautel, 8th dan, Stephen Sautel, 3rd dan and Eileen Lindner, 2nd dan.

What makes the Conifer martial arts Campus unique? Is it the warm brown eyes of the elk, deer, bear, and fox who gaze longingly through the windows at our custom-built suspension floor with the cushiest carpet ever? Or is it the overwhelming sense of cooperation and unity among the students? Perhaps it is just the amazingly skilled, caring instructors we have. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

MSK Summer Expo XXXIV


Students, instructors, family members and friends from all over met at the Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado, for the  34th Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo.

Taking place from June 1-3, the theme of Expo XXXIV was "Charging into the Future!"  Each  CTI / MSK / AMASEA event during the past year was bigger and stronger than ever because of the constant charge of our students and instructors.  This year's dynamic Expo Teaching Staff wanted to ride this dynamic wave and help Expo participants experience the idea of what charging into the future is all about.

Group photo from the Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo 34There were classes in sparring, poomse, one-step sparring, self-defense, judo, MSK Hapkido, target kicking and more.  Featured master instructors at this year's Summer Expo were:  Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin, 9th dan, Grandmaster Charles Hildebrand, 8th dan, Grandmaster Jim Sautel, 8th dan, Grandmaster Merinda Sautel, 7th dan, Grandmaster John Sautel, 7th dan, Master Erik Albrechtson, 6th dan, Master Fred Sautel, 5th dan, Master Clayton Garner, 5th dan, Master Alice Meyung, 5th dan and Master Tom Hunter, 5th dan.

Classes began on Friday evening and continued the next morning.  Special classes for black and red belts began at 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM respectively.  All other belts had their first class at 8:00 AM and worked hard to lunch time.  There were also special classes for our parents and friends of Moo Sul Kwan.

The Broken Knuckle Challenge III started after lunch.  Divisions of students performed many different tasks and took on hard challenges that pushed their limits at the over 9,000 ft. elevation of Keystone!   On Saturday evening, everyone got together for the annual Expo Banquet and Party!  Music was provided by the black belt band, Moo Sul Rock, with some special guest performers including MSK and AMASEA President Hildebrand.  During the evening, each CTI Campus presented a video of an original television commercial for a TV show.  Some of the video-shorts were Gilligan's Taekwondo Island, Kicking with the Stars, Family Feud, The Intense and the Powerful and The Black Belt Apprentice.

Sunday began early for the upper belts with some advanced training, followed by classes for everyone until the closing ceremonies.

Broken Knuckle Challenge III results:

Parents      1st-Debbie Eichelberger   2nd-Miha Vieru   3rd-Amy Chavez

Black Belt Men I    1st-Mark Scott   2nd-Andy McDaniel and Rick Orton   3rd-Kyle Feagans

Black Belt Men II    1st-Brian Steward   2nd-Peyton Brauch   3rd-Caleb Feagans

Advanced Women    1st- Jennifer McKernan   2nd-Irene Kim   3rd-Eileen Lindner

Adult Women    1st-Kaddie Willians   2nd-Kirun Agarwal   3rd-Lauren Smith

Adult Men    1st-Brian Jense   2nd-Brian O'Reilly   3rd-Diego Quezada

Intermediate Women    1st-Kayla Roberts   2nd-Annie Jensen and Vi Vu   3rd-Courtney Moen

Teen 1    1st-Chase Wyngarden   2nd-Jameson Healy   3rd-Josh Miller

Teen 2    1st-India Ross   2nd-Mateo Piza   3rd-Robbie Crandell and Sean Huntley

Teen 3     1st-Jacob Bloom   2nd-Zoie Anglin   3rd-Hannah Meadows

Junior Adv 1     1st-Julian Marine   2nd-Bella Lasater   3rd-Turner Jensen

Junior Int 1    1st- Katelyn Minden   2nd- Colton Anglin   3rd- Lorainna Shultz

Junior Adv 2     1st-Caiden Murphy   2nd-Nathaniel McKernan   3rd-Ryann Beaver

Junior Int 2    1st-Lily Strickland   2nd-Marley Powers   3rd- Kylee Odom and Ali Wolfe

Friday, June 1, 2018

Taekwondo Classes at the CTI

By Makayla Trapp, 2nd dan

Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is a great activity for kids of all ages.  The Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers Taekwondo classes that provide physical activity and teach discipline in a fun and safe way to kids of all ages.  At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute kids learn martial arts techniques that can help them defend themselves in certain emergency situations.  Kids also learn how to respect the people around them (parents, instructors, adults, peers, and themselves) and are taught to always try their best and pay attention inside and out of class. 

At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, all of the instructors aim to teach each and every student in in an effective, fun, and safe way.  Instructors get to know each child individually and know when each child is trying their very best.  Students and instructors learn to gain each other’s trust and each kid really feels that their instructor cares about their progress.  Every instructor’s goal is to teach each child in such a way that they leave feeling great about their abilities.  While instructors correct kids if they are doing something wrong, they also strive to build the child’s self-esteem.  The instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute understand that each kid has different skill levels, and work with each student to bring out the best martial artist in each student. 

A group of black belts doing Taekwondo classes at the CTIThe Colorado Taekwondo Institute also offers many different activities outside of classes that students are encouraged to take part in.  These activities and events include tournaments, expos, summer camp, day camps, and many others.  Tournaments provide kids the opportunity to compete against each other in a friendly and safe environment.  All students are encouraged to congratulate their fellow competitors regardless of what place they get in competitions.  Tournaments are a great way to teach kids to be humble if they win and to still keep their head up even if they do not win.  This is because the main focus of the tournaments is not to win, but rather to try your best and participate in the CTI community.  The expo is an event that usually occurs at the beginning of summer and takes place in the mountains.  This event provides kids with the opportunity to learn in an environment outside of class and learn with students who they might have never met.  Along with that, kids take many different classes at expo that are taught by different instructors and cover many different topics and techniques.  Summer camp is a camp where kids stay in the mountains without their parents and provides a fun opportunity for kids to learn taekwondo and do many more fun camps activities.  Day camp is provided in summer, winter, and fall and usually runs for a week.  Students can attend for half days or full days and are given the chance to practice and perfect their techniques.  The CTI also provides other activities and events, such as demonstrations, special workouts and symposiums for upper belts, tests, and family events such as the annual picnic. 

By doing taekwondo classes through the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, both kids and parents meet new people and families.  Kids are exposed to an atmosphere where getting to know their fellow peers is encouraged and most students make many new friends through taekwondo.  By participating in events, the families of students also meet other parents and families, strengthening the bond between their child and taekwondo.  Overall, Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is a wonderful activity for kids and can help them in many different areas of their life.