Friday, June 29, 2018

Your Local, Friendly Martial Arts School: Conifer Campus

The front of the building for the Conifer taekwondo school martial arts school

The Conifer corridor, including Conifer, Aspen Park, Morrison, Pine, and Bailey, is a unique foothills location southwest of Denver. Residents here enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, four wheeling, camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, and of course, TAEKWONDO. We are fortunate to have the Conifer campus of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute located in the Staples shopping center on Highway 285 at Pleasant Park Rd teaching the best in Conifer karate

Mountain folk are family and community oriented, which is seen in the many families who study together at this campus. It is common to see tigers, juniors and adults all taking classes at all times of the day. There is a deep sense of community and pride seen as all students help each other to succeed in belt promotions, demonstrations, and competitions.

The Conifer martial arts location of CTI was founded in 2007 by Grandmaster James. Morning and evening classes are taught by CTI President James M. Sautel, 8th dan, Stephen Sautel, 3rd dan and Eileen Lindner, 2nd dan.

What makes the Conifer martial arts Campus unique? Is it the warm brown eyes of the elk, deer, bear, and fox who gaze longingly through the windows at our custom-built suspension floor with the cushiest carpet ever? Or is it the overwhelming sense of cooperation and unity among the students? Perhaps it is just the amazingly skilled, caring instructors we have. 

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