Friday, February 15, 2013

Gaining Confidence from MSK Taekwondo

By Zach Greaves, red belt

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute teaches their students how to be confident in everything they do, to learn how to persevere, while showing them how to become leaders and teache

Every class we ‘kihap’ or yell our hearts out.  We bring our winning spirits every day and we are asked questions that are difficult, and sometimes, as upper belts, are asked to help others.  All these things take confidence that is developed on the journey to the very special Moo Sul Kwan black belt.

At the beginning of training it’s not expected for you to be confident - but that is why MSK Taekwondo is so great because the training breeds confidence and it is the place to go to when you want to develop confidence.

Throughout the journey to MSK /AMASEA black belt, your skills are tested through trials and crucibles of wit, strength, flexibility, eagerness, dedication, discipline and confidence.  Quitting is an option, but having the drive and strive to keep going and excelling and never giving up is a MSK black belt trait that is highly coveted.  Not everyone has this trait but it can be learned through the confidence that builds inside of the student. from good training.

It’s weird to think about going through life without confidence.  It would be really hard, but MSK martial arts demand it.  So we learn it and master it to become smarter and stronger.  It also just makes things more fun when everyone is really smart and confident in what they are doing.  It makes the environment safe, it's more enjoyable and you reach higher levels in your understanding of the art.

Confidence is really a big part of life.  Having confidence and a determination to succeed is the number one facet to achieving a Moo Sul Kwan black belt in life.

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