Friday, January 11, 2013

Consistency Makes a Difference

By Marcy Feagans, brown belt

Whether it is a holiday, vacation or just a sick day, consistency and practicing at home with your CTI training really makes a big difference and is a key to your martial arts training success!  Recently, I realized what a difference that 1 week can make.

It is nice to enjoy the time with family and friends. but when away from training I found that it is even more important to practice at home.  Try to take a few minutes each day to reinforce training and keep skills top of your mind when you're on vacation.  Even 20 minutes each day to practice a poomse, review your one-steps or just do some sit-ups or stretches would go a long way towards remembering your skills, keeping in shape and flexible.

That daily practice will keep you limber and on top of your training, rather than having to refresh everything when you returned to class.  When missing regular classes and not practicing at home it will likely take double or triple the time to catch back up rather than stepping right back in where you left off and refining your skills.

What does your training look like when you are preparing for a promotion test or tournament competition?   I know that many of us attend the extra class, practice at home, even think through the steps and write notes in a journal…so why does this drive not last when we’re away from class?  Some of that is accountability of being around your peers and the pride and drive from your instructor.

We are CTI students, practicing Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts, and strive to go above and beyond the average or meeting a requirement.  We want to go beyond the average and exceed the expectation and need to have this type of consistency each and every week, each and every day.

So remember, consistency with your training is key to your success.  We all know that hitting class at least 2 - 3 times a week is a minimum, but it's the practice at home that is going the "extra mile" and that striving towards your goal will bring success!  The moral of this story is to be responsible and drive yourself to your goals, starting with consistent training.  Consistent training will really show to you personally and also be evident to your instructor in class.  It makes a noticeable difference!  Make sure you are consistent in your training, keep pushing and reach your goals.

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