Friday, March 23, 2012


By Kyle Feagans, brown belt

Close your eyes and clear your mind for a few minutes.  Now, imagine what it would be like at home at school and at work if everyone acted irresponsibly?  What would the communities the cities or towns, the counties and states we live in be like if everyone acted irresponsibly?  Without responsibility the world we live in today would not exist.  Without responsibility core character words such as integrity, honesty, dependable and trustworthy would lose their meaning.  Responsibility is one of the many a core values that make a person who they are.

As parents, business owners, employees, school students, and CTI martial art students, responsibility is one of the many values at the core of our success.  No matter where we are, who we are or what we do, responsibility is a key indicator of our true character and is just one of the many key characteristics that make us who we are.

Responsibility is a characteristic that can have a negative or positive effect on those around us.  This characteristic leaves and impression in people’s minds as to the type of person we are.  As parents of children it is important to live out examples of responsibility so they themselves will be responsible.  Being responsible, like many things in life, can be challenged.  There may be times when we do not want to slack on our responsibilities.  It is during these times in which we know we must discipline ourselves to be responsible.

Being a MSK Taekwondo student is an honor that comes with a tremendous responsibility too.  There is a responsibility involved in training our body physically to perform different types of kicks, blocks, punches and strikes.  As we progress in our training at the CTI we must train our minds to focus and concentrate on the small details involved in performing poomse or executing kicks, blocks, punches and strikes.  We also have responsibility of self control.  We must never forget that our training puts us in a position to protect ourselves from attack and it is not intended to put us in a position to attack.

Now, close your eyes and clear your mind and imagine a world full of responsible people.

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