Friday, March 2, 2012

Common Sense for Stress Management

By Rex Splitt, 2nd dan

Check them off the list!

1. Eat three meals a day, including breakfast.
2. Avoid sugar, salt, animal fat and processed white flour.
3. Pursue regular program of physical exercise or other leisure pastimes.
4. Nurture and maintain friendships.
5. Get enough sleep (usually 7 to 8 hours).
6. Practice abdominal breathing and relaxation.
7. Schedule time and activities alone, and with others to maintain a well-rounded life style.
8. Stop smoking.
9. Limit alcohol (one drink with meals) and limit caffeine intake.
10. Pace yourself and allow for an even flow of demands.
11. Identify and accept emotional needs.
12. Recognize early warning signs.
13. Allocate time and energy to allow for stimulation.
14. Take appropriate supplements, if needed, for proper nutrition.
15. Avoid self-medication.
16. Take one thing at a time.
17. Give in once in a while.
18. Talk out your worries.
19. Make yourself available.
20. Learn to accept the things you cannot change.

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