Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 AMASEA National Convention Trip

Several of our CTI black belts accompanied Grandmaster Sautel to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for the 2012 AMASEA National Convention.  The full five day trip took place at many places including; Southeast Missouri State University, the City Museum of St. Louis, Laclede's Landing, Jackson, Lutesville, Ruma's and more!

The AMASEA National Convention and was led by Grandmaster Hildebrand, President of the AMASEA and Moo Sul Kwan.  Special guests instructors made this year's convention one to remember!

The group from the CTI left Denver on Wednesday evening and drove to St. Louis where they met Mr. Dustin Wheeler, 3rd dan and explored the City Museum in downtown St. Louis.  Climbing, ducking, crawling and sliding throughout the many storied building was so much fun it was hard to leave.

After the fun time in St. Louis, the group proceeded to Cape Girardeau and the home of Master Bill Jones and Mrs. Kimberly Jones.  A big feast was put on with friends coming to help us get situated in Cape - Lt. Colonel Robert Jones was on hand, along with CTI friends Mark and Theresa Raines, Don Jones, Donna and Ivan and others.

On Friday morning, the CTI group traveled out into the countryside and had a wonderful day.  They hiked, four-wheeled through flood waters, skipped rocks, played Frisbee, took pictures and ate at superb little place in Lutesville called Jays.  After helping Master Jones load, deliver and set up mats at the Show Me Convention Center, convention classes began.

The classes during the weekend were excellent!  Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin Shin led many workouts, along with, Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand, Grandmaster James M. Sautel, Master Rick Schutt and others.  The classes ranged from Sparring to Poomse to Taekwondo Kicking to Judo to Judging to MSK Hapkido and more!  In addition, there was also a special banquet and party on Saturday evening and some dynamic poomse and high kicking competitions on Sunday.  Congratulations to Alice Meyung, Abdu Kikhia, Eric Evans and Zach Greaves for placing first in poomse and to Michael Sandusky for placing first in the high kicking contest.

Special thanks also goes to Master Doug Johnson and his black belts for giving the CTI group a special MSK Hapkido workout before the Sunday morning events began.

On the way home to Colorado, the group spent time with Mr. Wheeler at historic Laclede's Landing along the river front in old St. Louis.  A tour of the area, a visit to Hannegan's and some more frisbee throwing beside the Mississippi River and the group was on the road back home to the Centennial State.

Attending the AMASEA National Convention from Colorado were:  Zach Greaves, red belt, Eric Evans, 1st dan, Michael Sandusky, 2nd dan, Brian Steward, 2nd dan, Abdu Kikhia, 3rd dan, Alice Meyung, 4th dan, Freddy Sautel, 4th dan, Erik Albrechtson, 5th dan and Jim Sautel, 7th dan.

To experience the best weekend of the 2012 summer, attend the 28th Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo which was originally based on Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park's AMASEA National Convention and is one of the largest MSK events of the year!

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