Monday, March 5, 2012


By Alice Meyung, 4th dan

Taekwondo Kid Flying Side Kick Break
The word “Taekwondo” translates into “the Korean art of smashing with the bare feet and hands.”  Of the martial arts, Taekwondo is well known for its abundance of kicks, and while Taekwondo is smashing with BOTH the hands and feet, it was developed with an emphasis on kicks for a number of reasons.  Your legs are longer, stronger, have more muscle mass and are, therefore, capable of more power.

During the development of martial arts and Taekwondo, the common Korean often faced a horse-mounted opponent and could only reach them by jumping and kicking.  This emphasis on kicks has endured in modern Taekwondo and is a huge part of the tec
hniques you must master in order to earn your first-degree black belt.

While your legs and feet are anatomically performing the technique, they are not the only parts of your body in play.  Your core muscles are essential in executing the technique to the best of your ability.  Without a strong core, you will not be able to kick high and with the appropriate amount of strength and power.  Strong hips, an accurate focus hand, locked eyes, and the correct pivot are all vital to the success of any kick.  Remember, you ABSOLUTELY MUST be stretched out and warmed up before attempting any kicking technique.

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