Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Mission Statement

Colorado martial arts school teaching leadership to studentsBy Hope Morgan, 2nd dan

What is a mission statement?

Well, a mission statement is essentially an organization’s motto, the core purpose and focus everyone strives to live by. It communicates a sense of intended direction for the entirety of the organization and serves as a sort of backbone.

“To encourage and develop world-class leaders…”

In MSK Taekwondo, we want everyone to become superb leaders. We want our students to embody characteristics such as perseverance, integrity, and courtesy in developing themselves and in turn, use those traits to lead others to greatness. Each and every one of our students has the capability of positively influencing others and we have made it our mission to aid them in uncovering and growing their fantastic leadership skills.

“...through educational excellence…”

We believe that the best leaders are intelligent which is why we so greatly stress the importance of education, both in and out of our training. We require monthly homeworks, written tests, and good grades in school, all to better the student academically. It is crucial for students to develop their minds as a tool in developing their leadership skills.

...and Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts traditions.”

Leaders are also developed through a strong foundation. At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, we pride ourselves on the strength of our infrastructure. We do the same routine every class - warm-ups, basics, poomse. With the continued practice of our base, our students are able to more effectively teach others the same skills.

Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is the best in that it goes beyond just learning self-defense techniques. Our students recognize the importance of developing our character along with our martial arts. Through our focus on education and tradition, our students undoubtedly become the best leaders around.

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