Friday, March 4, 2016

Getting Fit: Taekwondo Classes Are For You!

By Theo Lincke, 2nd dan

Adult doing fitness in a martial arts classesKeeping physical shape as an adult is difficult. Long work hours and sparse time are both inevitable for a busy adult who who works full time. These often get in the way of a healthy and physical lifestyle. Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides adults with hour to hour and a half long classes two or more days a week that can fit your busy work schedules. Classes are flexible to meet with your needs. If you’re looking for some way to work out and keep active that involves flexible hours, Taekwondo is a perfect opportunity for adults who just don’t have the time. Have kids to look after? No worries. Colorado Taekwondo Institute provides classes for all ages and all body types (read our article about kid’s martial arts here). While you’re busy breaking a sweat, your children can come along and work out beside you. The various health benefits of taekwondo and adult martial arts are vast. Taekwondo provides well crafted exercise, stress relief, and a mentally healthy lifestyle.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute offers classes that are filled with physically challenging but reachable goals. Taekwondo teaches adults how to properly and healthily workout. The majority of adults in CTI have participated in taekwondo most of their lives without any major injuries. Instructors are constantly supervising their students, making sure what they are doing is safe. Every class is challenge, and a place where you build new workout habits. (read our article about martial arts exercise here) Martial Arts also teach students how to be self directed learners, letting students of all ages be motivated to workout at home and their free time.

Martial arts provide excellent stress relievers as well. Traditional adult self-defense classes let students communicate with their peers while also learn how to remain calm under stressful environments. In the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, instructors are well educated leaders. Each instructor has been training for the majority of their lives, as well as being very well educated in school, martial arts and teaching all ages. In a typical class, a student will exercise and relieve their built up stress. Various studies have shown a correlation between exercise and stress relief. Martial arts purely motivates students to conquer their stress and create a lifestyle of happiness and inspiration.

Martial arts for adults also help you improve in your daily and working lives through educational excellence and martial arts discipline. The goal of Colorado Taekwondo is, "To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”. Martial arts not only teach you how to be proficient in combative techniques, but also how to be a leader in your working environment. The first lesson in the Colorado Taekwondo Institute teaches its students courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance and how to have an indomitable spirit. Each one of these tenets helps you succeed in your job and social life.

If you’re a busy adult looking for the most efficient source of exercise, taekwondo is a great option. Colorado Taekwondo Institute has locations in Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Golden, Conifer, and Craig; as well as various after school programs and community outreach events.

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