Friday, December 18, 2015

The Martial Art Instructors Behind the CTI

By Tyler Murphy, 2nd dan

Taekwondo instructor with his student after winning at a tournamentAll teachers or instructors have to be dedicated no matter what it is that they are teaching. Martial arts is no exception to this rule. Whether it is Taekwondo, karate or any other martial art the dedication of instructors is essential to the students success. Having dedication to the student is the only way to be with any type of education, especial with martial arts like Taekwondo and karate. Dedication is essential because it is the only way for a student to learn effectively while still experiencing enjoyment, and also passing on the art. If skillful teaching is completely absent from a school, it is impossible for anything to be taught through the generations. Taekwondo is an art that has been around for thousands of years; this has only been achieved through effective teaching and dedication, which is why there must continue to be good martial arts instructors. Any art that has already lasted thousands of years should be able to last even longer.

Taekwondo instructors with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are only able to achieve their positions as teachers through dedication, persistence, and a desire to teach; Their hard work to become teachers guarantees that all CTI instructors are looking out for the student and have the student’s their best interest in mind. As the instructors continue to show their hardworking attitude they will gain more experience which will only improve their teaching ability. Experience is an essential part of learning; it can only be attained with time but with hard work and focus somebody can reach the same result in much less time than somebody who has not worked as hard. The most impressive part with CTI instructors is that they attend their own classes even when they are teaching classes. They never become stagnant with their training because they are always working hard to improve themselves on top of working for their students. it is essential for instructors to continue taking classes so that they can increase their body of knowledge so that it can be passed onto the student. By working hard towards growth instructors will ultimately become better instructors. Since the student can only be as good as their teacher it is important that the instructors continue to grow which is the case with all CTI instructors. A 1st dan black belt has to know, without mistakes, about 30 different forms along with hundreds of self defense techniques, and they must maintain what they know. As they become higher black belts they will learn even more which is plenty to worry about, but on top of that they are also instructors and have to worry about their students and have busy lives on the side. To be a Taekwondo instructor they must be dedication to the art, the school, and their students which is the case with all of them.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is definitely on the right track. There are many strong instructors and many of the master martial arts instructors also have degrees in teaching and are Jeffco school teachers. Teaching is the most important part when it comes to something like martial arts. If, as an organization, we continue focus on developing good instructors and skilled teachers we will be able to continue teaching Taekwondo and teaching skills so that CTI and Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo can live on for a very long time to continue helping people.

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