Friday, December 4, 2015

Kids Taekwondo Classes: So Many Benefits!

By Zach Greaves, 2nd dan

Childrens Taekwondo is a great way to get your children into something new and cool. For kids Taekwondo the best school in Denver is the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. We have many classes that have our students strive to become more focused, disciplined and become leaders in our community. With exciting workouts that range from thirty minutes (for our toddler classes) to an hour (for our junior classes), kids get to express themselves and work hard through kicking and punching. The CTI has a great environment for kids to have a safe place to learn to be themselves through martial arts excellence.

Speaking from personal experience, Taekwondo has lead me to be more confident and disciplined. It helped me throughout school and other activities. I can also see now how it teaches students focus and developing motor skills (though when I was a kid and first starting I was just having fun learning). Going through life with something to lean back on physically and emotionally is really important.

Childrens Taekwondo girl doing a side kick breakParents, I know your kids will always have you but having that something else when they get older is great!  Especially when going through school Taekwondo for your kids can really help. The focus and discipline that they get out of our classes will be very valuable. We at Colorado Taekwondo Institute are very serious about the education of our organization. We help kids to go in the right directions to be scholarly and get homework in on time and be early. Each month, students have homework to complete which focuses on some other aspect we instill in our students: self-control, perseverance, positive mental image, etc. And the exercises that we do and we encourage them to lead by example and get to places early and get everything in on time. This provides opportunities for our students later when it's already easy for them.

I really appreciate that I've learned in my time with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. It has taught me so much, and I continue to learn and grow even now as an adult. I'm thankful my parents put me into classes here when they were looking for kids Taekwondo, and I hope you do the same for your children!

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