Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Team Champs Dedicated to MSK Founder

The 17th Lee H. Park Team Championships was a fantastic day and one to remember!  Taking place at Alameda International High School in Lakewood, Colorado, 339 students and instructors competed in Team Poomse, Team Basics, Team and Individual Breaking, Team One-Step Sparring, Most Kicks and Basics Challenge.  Along with the exciting team and individual competitions, each CTI Campus provided a Staff Demonstration set to music for everyone.

The Team Championsips, dedicated to Moo Sul Kwan founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park, became the largest event in MSK history.  Everyone prepared well and competed well in honor of GGM Park and the finest martial arts organizations (MSK and the AMASEA) that he founded.  This was also the Colorado Taekwondo Institute's 7th Hanmadang.  The CTI Hanmadang is a once a year event where there is no sparring and everyone gets together to enjoy the patterns routines and expertise of the many different areas of MSK training.  It's a day of peace and appreciation for Moo Sul Kwan martial arts and a unique opportunity for demonstrating and learning.

Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts has always been a pioneer in the educational side of martial arts.  This year, each team picked a mineral name for their team.  From Borax to Thundereggs to Rhodocrystite, teams were represented by their mineral name and everyone learned a lot about minerals, some of which they've never heard of before!

The day started early for the black belts at 7:00 AM with a light warm-up consisting of poomse and one-step sparring.  This was followed by Black Belt Competitions.  After black belt competitions were done, the under black belts performed their routines.

Their were numerous highlights at this year's Lee H. Park Team Champs.  During Team Bascis competitions, each team had to perform their routine set to the music "Wonderful Christmas Time" by Paul McCartney.  Teams were scored on timing, technique and choreography.

Here are the results of the 17th Lee H Park Team Championships:


1st place
Bloodstones        Kryptonite        Sapphire        Rhodocrystite
Protomango...        Corundum        Adamantium        Obsidian
Diamond        Diamond        Sapphire        Topaz
Diamond        Gypsum        Sapphire        Cromite
Thunder Eggs        Piegonite        Amber

2nd place
Borax            Mica            Sodalite        Uranium
Diamond        Gold            Sapphire        Bronze
Diamond Platimum    Topaz            Gold            Emerald
Diamond        Clorifide        Ruby            Iceland Spar
Uranium        Topaz            Nuggets

3rd place  
Xocolatlite        Zinc            Coloradoite        Pluonium
Ruby            Dolomite        Topaz            Plumog    umite
Diamond        Topaz            Diamond        Crystals
Diamond        Emerald        Diamond        Emerald
Malachite        Gold            Emeralds

4th place  
Copper            Xirgzihite        Coal            Rhodochrosite
Mica            Rhodocrystite        Coloradorites        Gold
Diamond        Diamond        Emeralds        Emerald
Peridot            Sapphire        Einsteinite        Wads


1st place
Trace Jensen        Jensen Cook        Dameon Kielkowski    Silas Reese
Isabella Rai        Tait Shamus        Serena Rai        Alexandra Kennedy
Sage Shamus        Sam Farr        Lydia Farr        Sabrina Jensen
Oliver Smith        Aidan Soule        Trenton Wheat        William Krause
Lillian Eichelberger    Brady Young        Daric Ross        Cole Massa
Milo Aschermann    P.K. Lamb        Julian Strickland    Quentin King
Jackie Penrod


1st place
Uranium        Coloradolite        Corundum        Titanium
Thunder Eggs        Zinc            Bloodstone

2nd place
Garnet            Granite            Dolonite        Obsidian
Gold            Labadorite        Peridot

3rd place
Rhodaceystite        Sodalite        ONK            Bismuth
Malachite        Berryite        Zinc

4th place
Mica            Borax


1st place
Iceland Spar        Salt            Obsidian      


Lynne Dean        Kaddie Williams    Ryan Wyngarden    Jakob Deverell
Derek Simpson        Hudson Van Vorhee    Diesel DiPaola        Ethan Girard
Jason Stencil, Sr.    Deb Denny        Makayla Trapp        Zuzanna Janowska
Jacobi Field        Trish Nguyen        Keet Holdridge        Nikki Garcia
Zach Farr        Arkhip Saratovtsev    Chase Wyngarden    Nina Madayag
Jack Eller        Caiden White        Matthew Ordaz-Busto  


1st place
Diamonds        Coloradolite        Rhodocrystite        Saspphire
Thunder Eggs        Corundrum        Aquamarine        Protomanganoferrophyllite
2nd place
Jasper            Uranium        Adamantite        Stroutium      
Malachite        Topaz            Sodium Chloride    Iceland Spark

3rd place
Salt            Emeralds        Little Leau        Hawkeye
Gold            Dallomite        Obsidian

4th place
Platinum        Gold            Topaz


1st place
J.R. Lanz        Lillian Eichelberger    Collin Tampa        Kylee Ryan-Rusher
Kylie Bickford        Robbie Crandell    Joy Farr        Shaydon Tuttle
Brady Young        Caleb Port        Turner Jensen        Sam Benjamin
Anya Trilk        Aidan Sturm        Alden Seashore        Ellie Stanton
Carson Mack        Luke Vanni        Owen Hughes        Autumn Manuelito
Quentin King        Ryan Hoffman-Boy    Tait Shamus        Kyle Janowski
Enzo D'Alessandro    Julian Marine        Jensen Cook        Isabella Lasater
2nd place  
Colton Hertel        Cole Massa        Isabella Sandoval    Eliseo Bandala
Max Bogdanoff        Keira Jacobo        Brendan Arink        Faith Lanz
Sam Farr        Channing Toal        Will Kennedy        Sebastian Popescu
Mitchell Oleszek    Nick Tibbetts        Colston Yoder        Alex Schwartz
Audrey Logan        Jack Weichert        Lily Strickland        Gaven DiNunzio
Oliver Faler        Kelsey Miller        Dameon Kielkowski    Aydon Lewis
Allan Stanton        Josh Stencel        Serena Rai        Jackson Baker

3rd place
Jillian Peck        Trace Jensen        Sophia Sandova    l    Sophia Laws
Daivd Bogdanoff    Mariah Cordova    Aiyana Godwin        Lasuren Dahlberg
Allison Van Der Heyd    Oliver Smith        Trenton Wheat        Isasbella Rai
Ahas Weerapura    Ryan Cubbage        Henry Kelly        Aidan Dalby
Jonah Olson        Ben Techmeyer        Sean Haverkamp    Isaac Jensen
Lainey Faler        Jaxson Wheat        Chloe Churchill        Amadeo Sandoval
Jacob Hoenamns    Tristan Garcia        Rachel Bakkum        Preston Smith
Henry Rumph        Jackie Penrod        P.K. Lsamb        Siri Seashore
Quynn Cotner        Elijah Alire        Caiden Murphy        Colin Paslminteri
Silas Reees        Ivy Strickland        Zach Bickford        Jason Stencel, Jr.
William Maes        Rusty Martino        Lydia Farr        McKenna Erbes
Simon Padilla        Yosef Rutan

4th place
Julian Strickland    Dylan Soule        Andrew Meyers        Libby Girard
Andrei Amihalachio    Angeleena Amaducci    Aleena Jones        Daric Foss
William Krause        Milo Aschermann    Lenox Jacobo        Kylia Warren
Jasmine Salamera    Dean Gunther        Lance Schwartz        Shaun  Lehr
Everett Tompkins    Owen King        Anika Olson        Elaina Cassidy
Tyler Gibbs        Alexandra Kennedy


Green Mountain


1st place
Logan Rumph        Diego Quez        Mariah Cordova    Kylia Warren
Simon Padilla        Ivy Strickland        Caiden Murphy        Zach Bickford
Will Kennedy        Brady Young        Channing Toal        Kylee Ryan-Rusher
Mitchell Oleszek    Dylan Soule        Lillian Eichelberger    Ella Von Der Heyd
Shaydon Tuttle        Brendon Arink        Patrick Konrad        Lydia Willis
Ellie Stanton        Owen Hughes        Amadio Sandoval    Nick Tibbetts
Gaven DiNunzio    Quentin King        Luke Vanni        Tait Shamus
Jensen Cook        Tyler Gibbs      

2nd place
Kristin Dries        Lars Den Hartog    Sigourney Zager    Jonah Olson
Isabella Lasater        Enzo D'Alessandro    Quynn Cotner        Rusty Martin
Turner Jensen        Sam Farr        Ahas Weerapura    Sophia Laws
Sean Haverkamp    Sophia Sandoval    Cole Massa        Jillian Peck
Faith Lanz        Joy Farr        Colston Yoder        Libby Girard
Lainey Faler        Owen King        Audry Logan        Tyler Cobb
Autumn Manuelito    Oliver Faler        Jack Weichert        P.K. Lamb
Serena Rai        Elaina Cassidy

3rd place
Bryce Cole        Gabe Zinser        Dalton Cole        Evan Zdec
Max Bogdanoff        Robbie Crandell    Sebastian Popescu    Jackson Baker
Allan Stanton        Kyle Janowski        Julian Marine        Oliver Smith
Trenton Wheat        Milo Aschermann    Isabella Rai        Elliot Logan
Dean Gunther        Isabella Sandoval    Jensen Turner        Julian Strickland  
Grant McKissack    Evan O'Fihelly        Alden Seashore        Kylie Bickford
Alex Schwartz        Lily Strickland        Carson Mack        Lance Schwartz
Keenan Dalby        Sabrina Jensen        Jacob Hoenmans    Cooper Ivie
Lydia Farr        Kelsey Miller

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