Friday, October 23, 2015

A CTI Testimonial: Part 4

Katie D.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the best thing I've ever participated in. It has benefited me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. The CTI is more than just a martial arts school, it is a community, a family. They are welcoming to everyone, no matter your age, gender, culture or any other label. Every class is different, and I learn something new each time. The instructors are engaging, encouraging and approachable, never giving up on a student and are always supportive. My sister joined first and I watched as she came out of her shell and blossomed into a confident and happy young woman. Seeing that I needed to join. Physically I'm stronger and healthier. I've been challenged to think outside the box and to become a self-motivated learner. I've made wonderful lifelong friends that I know will support me if I ever need them, and whom I will support in return. It has also been a great way for my sister and I to bond, being 13 years apart in age. We have something to share and laugh about and push each other to go all the way to black belt and beyond. It's a great place for family martial arts!

Martial arts classes for families

Susan B.

I was looking for a new way to work out that would challenge my brain as well as my body. I found it at CTI Littleton school! I am not a joiner by nature and find group classes tough to stomach. But I have to admit the school is not at all what I had expected. And after two years, I am still very motivated to attend class every week. What are your goals? Lose weight? Gain strength? Activate your brain in a fun and interesting way? CTI is for you. This is one of the best workouts to be found. Do you have kids and are looking for an activity for them that is mentally and physically safe? Do you want to connect with them by taking class too? Are you looking to help them in school and life by learning self-discipline in a fun environment? CTI is for you. Call and set up a time to meet at the school. Worst case: you will take one class and find out it is not your "thing." Best case: you have a great workout and are excited to return.

Jason S.

Almost a year ago my 6 year old sons and I started Taekwondo at CTI Westminster school. CTI Westminster Campus has provided me with the opportunity to connect with my kids in an activity which is fun for all of us- martial arts classes for families. We enjoy learning the Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions which reinforce our family teachings on the values of leadership, responsibility, respect, and self-control. The program strengthens my children's ability to set and achieve goals. The tournaments give us a chance to demonstrate the skills we have learned, while providing an opportunity for the kids to practice being a gracious winner and, at times, a graceful loser. The black belts serve as excellent role models of future success for the boys. Master Erik Albrechtson and his black belt instructors at CTI Westminster Campus are tremendous. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help you learn. Additional benefits of this program are that the class times fit our family's busy schedule, there are extra summer and holiday camps when school is not in session and the program is competitively priced with other opportunities in the area. We are so thankful a friend recommended family martial arts at the CTI Westminster Campus to us.

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