Friday, October 2, 2015

A CTI Testimonial: Part 3

Ginger N. 

Our 11 year old son has been attending the Westminster school of Colorado Taekwondo Institute for nearly a year. It really is wonderful to see him actually enjoy exercise and look forward to going to class. Although our son has participated in team sports in the past, he has never received the encouragement to thrive as much as he has from his CTI instructor. Mr. Greaves has demonstrated that he genuinely cares about our son’s accomplishments. He has taught him not only the importance of respect and self-defense but also the meaning of what a mentor should be. Thank you Mr. Greaves and Master Albrechtson for helping our son’s self-esteem sore, enrolling him in Taekwondo was the best decision we ever made. We are proud to be members of the Westminster CTI campus and look forward to many years to come.
Mother and her daughter doing family martial arts together

Taryn D.

My children and I have been taking classes at Colorado Taekwondo Institute since 2008 and I can't recommend them enough. The instructors are top notch and genuinely care about seeing each student succeed and reach their full potential. This is not a chain establishment whose main focus is the bottom line. It is a family owned and operated endeavor where students fell valued and respected. The self respect and discipline that I have seen my children develop over the years is something that cannot be bought. When it comes to kids martial arts instruction there is no equivalent.

Michelle K.

Wonderful program! Both of my boys have been involved in taekwondo at CTI for over 3 years. Everyone - students and instructors - are very supportive, respectful, and friendly. We love it there! It is incredible having such a positive program like this. Wherever we go, we constantly get compliments on the behavior of our boys. Taekwondo has been a commitment, but a commitment that has brought numerous gains to our life! It has helped my youngest son come out of his shell and gain confidence. It has helped my oldest son learn how to be respectful and tone down his silliness. Being a physical therapist and knowing the importance of exercise, the structured exercise that is offered year round has helped my boys thrive at all of their sports/activities. I feel that they are learning the importance of exercise which will be with them throughout their lives. Overall, the children's martial arts that CTI offers has been a fantastic experience for out entire family!

Michelle F. 

The teachers and staff here at the Conifer school of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are very knowledgeable of Taekwondo instruction and education. Even at the Tiger level (youngest kids martial arts class), the teachers are highly ranked. I appreciate their attention to discipline at an age appropriate level. Another thing that impressed me with this school is the use of older students to help in the classroom. This is a great opportunity for those students, and it gives something for the younger students to which they can aspire if they work hard and are dedicated.

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