Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Preparing for the 41st CTI Superbowl

By Coghan Spery, 1st dan, age 15

The 41st Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) Super Bowl is just around the corner, and most students have probably already started to train for it in class.  However, sometimes training for the tournament in class only is not enough. There are a few good ways to train for a tournament outside of class, you can add into your day without much trouble.

Before a tournament, you want to go over your moves as much as possible, whether it is poomse or your break.  Although most people are busy during the middle of the day, there are a few good places to slide in a practice quickly.  One of these places is before or after you go to bed, sliding in a practice is very easy, because a single poomse is usually less than a minute.  If you can practice your poomse, even just once a day, it will make a huge difference for the tournament.

Purple belt martial arts kids doing a patterned movement formAnother good way to prepare for the Super Bowl would be to starting to eat healthier.  It will help if you are in good shape for the tournament, and although MSK students usually are, it never hurts to eat healthy for a little while.  If you could lay off the chips, sodas, and double cheeseburgers, you would have an advantage at the upcoming tournament.

With the 41st Super Bowl coming up soon, all students should be getting ready, whether that is practicing their poomse more often or eating healthier.  If you do these things, you will be more prepared, and do even better at the Super Bowl.

Read more about the Taekwondo Superbowl Tournament at our website

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