Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet the CTI: Westminster School

Amidst the numerous martial arts schools in Colorado, it’s hard to find one with an overall great environment. The Colorado Taekwondo Institute, Westminster Campus, prides itself on maintaining a top-notch school with an atmosphere largely focused on providing students with the best instruction.

Located on West 88th Avenue, about a mile west of Wadsworth, the Westminster location rests on the border of Arvada and Westminster, making it accessible to students from all around the area. The school neighbors several wonderful small businesses in the shopping center including Applauze Salon, Global Thrift, and Peak Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture. The Westminster Campus is also in close range to various elementary, middle, and high schools. Currently, Moo Sul Kwan instructor, Master Erik Albrechtson, teaches before and after-school programs at both Red Rocks Elementary and West Woods Elementary, and the Westminster Campus itself provides classes at the school for kids and adults of all ages.
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What’s really special about the CTI Westminster Taekwondo school is the set-up within its walls. In its 4,500 square foot space, it houses three spacious workout areas, all with custom-built suspension floors made to maximize workout benefits. Students are able to practice and experience their martial arts training in both carpeted and matted workout rooms.  Each workout space contains shelves with plenty of room for students to put their workout bags on while participating in the classes. All workout rooms also include everything instructors use on special occasion to hone in on specific skills. These items consist of square targets, pork chops, Wavemaster bags, and extra sparring pads and boards.

Westminster CTI’s two largest workout rooms come equipped with ample viewing areas for family and friends to stay while the students are in class. Each area has comfortable chairs and benches that face a window looking directly into the classroom so viewers can easily watch the students.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute, Westminster location proves to be a clean, healthy, and professional location from the moment you walk in the door. The entire school is cleaned on a daily basis to assure a sanitary and hygienic place at all times. The lobby of the Westminster school has chairs and a shoe rack to accommodate those as soon as they walk in. On the bulletin boards hung on the walls, we display any and all upcoming events, as well as special offers. Take-home calendars are also easily available every month. In addition, the lobby holds the CTI Pro-Shop, a one-stop shop for all of your Taekwondo gear needs. Everything from sparring pads, uniforms, and patches to Taekwondo key chains, car stickers, and student manuals are on display so students are able to view them. All prices are posted on the wall directly adjacent to the pro-shop, and instructors are always available to answer any questions. We keep everything displayed in stock so we can have it available to any student immediately for purchase. Everyone uses the same gear as we have been since the school has started, and we guarantee its quality.

The Westminster school is dedicated to providing students the absolute best experience which is why we have created an ideal environment that will serve all of your needs as you journey in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. We hope you take the time to come check out our campus!

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