Friday, January 16, 2015

Martial Arts for Kids!

By Justin Lautrup, 1st dan, 14 years old

a young black belt doing a side kickThere are many positives of starting martial arts as a child that will aid them through out there entire life, such as focus and zeroing in on objectives, discipline and listening skills, energy and anger release, confidence and courage, motivation and the will to try hard at every thing your child will do.

In today's world of fast paced games, television, and social media, there are many distractions to to keep your child off task or unfocused. Martial arts for kids helps them focus on a goal and stick with it until it is completed, and then move on to the next objective or goal. In addition it is a great way to get your kid up and moving, and to help them release energy, tension, and overall deal more effectively with stress.  Martial arts helps them work on listening skills and work ethic.  This helps and encourages them to be more disciplined at home, school, and any other extra activities they may be doing.  Martial arts also gives them the confidence and courage they need to use in different situations such as standing up for themselves or others when they are being bullied, making smart choices about school and friends, and building self esteem.  Kids martial arts is additionally a great way to get and keep your child motivated to get good grades, try hard in any thing he/she might work on.

Before I started Taekwondo, I was easily distracted and no good at listening. If my dad told me to put on shoes, leave my room, get a jacket and get in the car, I'd leave my room, sit down and start playing with Legos or another distraction before I could remember the rest of the things that my dad had told me to do. Then my dad would come back inside, and walk me through the rest steps until I got in the car and we could leave. Now my dad forgets his jacket and I have to remind him to get it! Just kidding, but after only a couple of classes I got much better at listening and completing multiple tasks without having to be told two times.

Furthermore, before I started martial arts at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, I was never bullied, for real, but I tended to be on the passive and side and less motivated to speak up in school, with friends or other activities, but by starting martial arts I got a boost of self esteem and without being a bully, unkind, or rude, I spoke up when it was the right time to. There are also many social and unexpected benefits of starting your kid in martial arts, such as yearly summer sleepover camps,summer and winter day camps, and weekend expo's, and even world tours with other students. This gives them a better sense of independence and helps them achieve more on there own without the help of others. All of these activities are enjoyable, interesting and a great way to make new friends. The first time I went to a sleep away camp I was nervous and a little scared, but it was a great and safe experience. I learned a ton and came home wanting to go again as soon as possible.

Next, martial arts for kids in addition to being a great way to boost motivation and confidence, and exercise focus and discipline, is also a workout and gives your child something physical to do that is also safe. This helps them grow up happier and healthier, and gets them to go to sleep faster at night. Kids martial arts is also a great way to release anger and stress.  This helps them be happier and be less stressed. This also helps mental performance.There are many advantages to starting martial arts as a kid, like the motivation and willpower, anger and energy release and management, the confidence and courage to stand up for themselves, and listening and discipline skills, and focusing on a goal until it is completed.

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