Friday, September 26, 2014

Quality Instruction

By Eric Evans, 2nd Dan

Quality Martial Arts Instruction
When is the last time you ventured out to try something new and exciting?  As a father I try to provide my two sons with new adventures and learning opportunities on a weekly basis. One of these recent adventures was learning to fly RC airplanes with a group of men and women in Golden. With the Colorado Rockies to our left and the skyline of the city to our right, we enjoyed the opportunity to fly planes with instruction and help for the first time together. It is an experience I know my son’s and I will never forget. I believe the main reason we had an enjoyable experience is the quality of the instruction we received.

Anyone can try and be an instructor, but it takes time, patience and practice to be a good instructor. The instructors at the airpark provided the same patience and instruction we receive at our own campuses. Each new student was assigned a designated pilot. This reminded me of our introductory programs where the student and instructor work one on one to bring a student into the world of Martial Arts. Before any of us was allowed to pilot a plane, we were walked through the basics of the aircraft, controls, hazards, rules and etiquette of flying. There are specific commands and etiquette that must be followed to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at the airpark. For instance, prior to bringing a plane out on the runway, you announce that you would like to. This is similar to how our students wait to be invited into the workout area. In
taekwondo we want to ensure the workout area is safe for someone to enter. At the air park, this etiquette ensured that someone did not enter the runway as another plane was landing.

I was also very pleased to see that the focus and discipline my sons use in Taekwondo was exactly what was needed when flying a plane. At one point there were 6 planes in the air. If they looked away or lost their focus for a second, it could lead to disaster for the plane. Like our instructors, these men and women have spent years practicing and refining their art. The instructor also encouraged us to stick to the basics. There was no fancy flying that day, just basic ovals, which proved to be challenging enough. It is why I believe we have some of the most dynamic instruction at the Colorado Taekwondo institute. Our instructors have spent years practicing and refining their basic techniques. Without them, we would not be the martial arts school we are today.

I was also impressed with the similarities between the Arvada Modelers and our own Colorado Taekwondo Institute. As we drove up to the airpark it was apparent they have spent some time readying a location that would allow everyone to participate in a safe, and well equipped environment. The airpark stations for staging planes, a designated runway and a viewing area, made me reflect on our own campus setups. Each campus provides a safe and equipped area to practice martial arts. I am very thankful for the custom suspension floors as years of practice on concrete and hardwood floors have not been kind to my knees. Each campus is cleaned and maintained daily. I was extremely happy when we started to find out the the schools are cleaned and maintained by the students. This has provided my sons with added responsibility and a sense that the school is ours.
Quality instruction is one aspect of many that drives me to continue to learn martial arts at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. Each student is taught at an individual level. Each student is given the opportunity to learn at their own ability, and then guided by our instructors to exceed what they thought they were capable of doing. Through years of education, and dedication to basics, we have a community that fosters the individuals that walk through our doors to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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